Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HOW SAFE ARE INDIAN TRAINS? Mumbai based fashion designer shares her ordeal on social media

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Mar 24, 2014, 12:57PM IST

Mumbai: The ordeal in Rajdhani Express by a Mumbai based fashion designer by profession and an avid blogger has gone viral on social networking websites.
In the write up, she has narrated her experience about travelling in the AC coach of one of the 'safest' trains on Indian Railways Rajdhani Express. Bitterly, her story did not turn out to be as safe as any one of us travelling in the train would think it to be.
The woman has written about the travel in her blog sweetsharing.com. She was travelling in the 2nd AC compartment of Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi to enjoy her vacations along with her hubby and kids.
The family was calmly seated at their allotted seats when a group of men joined them who had changed their seats with other passengers in the compartment in order to travel together.
The woman has mentioned in her blog that all men, who mocked and disgusted the family, seem to be married and had kids following their conversation.
The 4 men captured the second and upper berths in the compartment and started playing loud music around dinner time. She has quoted the conversation between 4 men in her blog. It goes:
Fat guy, 'I am missing my wife yaar. Play that song. I always play it when I make love to her.'
Big guy with gold chains & watch, 'Bhabhi ki yaad aa rahi hai ya Mumbai ki aayashi ki.' All broke into scary laughter. Another one, 'Yaar is baar toh maza aaya. Sab kuch kiya matlab sab kuch.'
Thereafter, they started drinking and were throwing the nutshells on the lower berths where the family was seated. The little girl of the woman was asking here various questions and the men on upper berth were making fun of it. The situation was scary for the family.
When it could not be tolerated any more, the woman asked her hubby to contact the TC in order to change the seats.
While her husband was out looking for TC, the big Fat guy signaled the rest that my hubby has gone & started blabbering, 'Yaar, ash kar train apni hai. Jo chahe kar sakte hai . Mast reh. Tu bol toh train wapas Mumbai le chalu.'
Frightened woman tucked her kids closer to her and waited for her husband.
Further on, the men threatened her husband that if they have any problem, he should tell them and not call the TC. They were making the fun of family's helplessness as woman's husband could not find the TC.
After the couple put the kids to sleep, the big guy mockingly asked his friend who was on the upper berth right across the woman 'Bhai Sahi hai na jagah, view mast hai ki nahi', pointing in the direction of woman.'
Such an incident has questioned the safety of women, children and even families traveling in AC coaches of standard trains thinking 'at least they are safe.' Even in 21st century, the women are living in fear of sexual harassment, insecurity, rape and crime.
The woman blogger has further asked the readers to join a page 'NO harassment zone' on Facebook which acts as a platform for people to share their stories with others and help others be aware of such arising situations. 'We need people to listen, care & take notice of what is happening around them. Thanks for your understanding', she has written.


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