Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Now, a device to avert train collisions

K. Balchand

The Railways have developed equipment to keep the loco driver posted with all external information, in order to avoid any accident or collision.
Railway Board Member (Electrical) Kul Bhushan on Monday said, under the supervision of his department, the Research Design and Standards Organisation had innovated the train collision avoidance system in collaboration with three private vendors.
Based on radio frequency, the engines can ‘talk’ to each other, relay all information within a three-km radius to the loco driver and avert accidents. The receptors will gather information relating to signal aspects and read the rail track up to three km from a 30-metre-high tower located at a station and display them on a small screen fitted in the loco engine.
Apart from specifying the distance of any obstruction on the track , it would tell the driver his speed and the rate of deceleration needed.
Based on radio frequency, engines will talk to each other, relay all information within a 3-km radius to the loco driver and avert accident


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