The Golden Rock Railway Workshop here will shortly venture into overhauling power packs of high horsepower EMD-type diesel locomotives.
The Railway Board has entrusted the workshop with task of carrying out complete overhaul of the power packs of 4,500 horsepower EMD-type locos that are equipped with microprocessors.
Containing 16 cylinders, the power pack is the heart of the diesel locomotive producing traction power by burning fuel. The power pack is 7 metres in length and weighs 18.5 tonnes.
To start with, the workshop will overhaul three power packs that will be dispatched soon from the Sabarmati Diesel Shed in Gujarat. The power packs to be sent for overhaul are seven to eight years old requiring technical attention before they are re-installed in the EMD locos which usually come for a POH once in 18 years.
The workshop carried out repairs of major components of EMD-type locos such as its traction motors and engine block earlier. The workshop has already established necessary infrastructure facilities to accommodate eight EMD locos at a time.