Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Comment about the Booklet of Safety Department Bangalore by a well wisher.

         2013 is indeed a remarkable all respects, to a world waking up to the fallacy of the MAYAN prophesy of the world coming to an END. The euphoria apart.....all was aptly outlived, except for Safety Branch Bangalore Division that came out with a remarkable realisation in the wake of the unfortunate PENUKONDA Accident involving train # 16591 DN Express in a rear collision with the stabled MNGT N Goods resulting in loss of lives .

           Ignoring the fact that on the unfortunate night train no Dn 16591 was worked with a WDP4 Locomotive in the long hood approaching a vulnerable Junction with clear visibility of the Home signal from Narayanapuram  end.........the safety branch Bangalore Division should hold the innocent wives & children of umpteen LPs culpable of this accident in all it's severity. A situation reminiscent of the legendary sage Vishwamitra on his penance being usurped by the celestial nymph Menaka. Henceforth it becomes mandatory that our wives too adopt the precinct of adequate distance  from their husbands so that their genuine right for receiving a husband's love & affection can endanger human lives.... some eunuchs have arrived @ a myopic understanding wearing the garb of safety counselors & even that of  a lamentable Sr DSO & Sr DRM....@ whose behest this cartoon was published......that the likes of penukonda accident could 've been averted.

          A remarkable realisation as if these jokers have mimed the efforts @ discovering the elusive HIGGS Particle @ the expense of our beloved WIFES & Children. Enough is branch clowns it is time to draw lines between the GENUINE RIGHTS OF A FAMILY & THAT OF OUR CHILDREN WHETHER MALE OR FEMALE playing  cricket as some retard would like to assume. Our wives & children are much more matured than the likes of u in affording us a genuine  rest before coming to duty than ur incompetence in ensuring as to how many passenger & Exp are run with LONG HOODS.


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