Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heavy rainfall disrupts train services
Heavy downpour in the region has derailed the train schedules of the KK line. The trains coming from Vishakapatnam are left stranded at Jagdalpur station on Monday.

Due to the washout between Kortaput and Boddavara railway station on Sunday night, railway officials were forcede to stop operations of goods train carrying iron ore. The railway track has been also destroyed after the washout. Railway workers have commenced repairing the track, the soil and ballast under the track have been dismounted. The broken and non functional parts have been spotted by the railway officials, avoiding any undue accidents.
All the trains have been spotted at their nearest stations. A goods train had also derailed track between Chimidipalli and Shivalingapuram. The disruption of the single passenger train between Vishakapatnam and Bailadila is greatly affecting the lives of the daily commuters. Cyclone Neelam is believed to be the reason behind the untimely regions across India.  


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