Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Railways develop crash-resistant coaches
Srinand Jha, Hindustan Times
Kapurthala, September 17, 2012
In the backdrop of train accidents that have occurred over the last few years, the Kapurthala-based Rail Coach Factory (RCF) has developed 'crashworthy coaches' that would keep casualties at a minimum in the event of an accident.

The coaches would have 'crumble zones' on both ends, specifically designed to absorb the impact of the crash. These zones, according to experts, would absorb the force of the impact substantially - leaving the passenger area unaffected.
Another set of "energy absorbers" have also been provided behind the couplers, which link the coaches.
The new coaches are also being fitted with couplers of a new design, which would lessen the discomfort whenever a train accelerates or decelerates, and absorb the impact if trains collide. 
A prototype shell was developed and validated after being crash-tested at the Lucknow-based Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO).
A technical report, suggesting that crashworthy features be incorporated in all LHB-design coaches, will be forwarded by the RCF to the railway board soon.


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