Railways carried nearly three lakh tons of goods including millet, chemicals, petroleum products and rubber to Pakistan while imported over four lakh tons of cement, rock salt and dry fruit in the last fiscal.
“A total of 317 trains with 600 wagons crossed the border carrying goods and an equal number of goods trains came to India from Pakistan last year,” N.C Goel, Divisional Railway Manager of Ferozpur Division, said.
In 2011-12, railways exported 2,84,386 tons of goods to Pakistan as against 1,27,006 tons in 2010-11.
The inward wagons from Pakistan carried 4,33,193 tons of goods in 2011-12, while 5,56,966 tons of goods were carried during 2010-11.
The import from Pakistan is mostly cement, N.C Goel said.
On upgrading of Amritsar railway station, he said plans are afoot to develop it as a world class station in coordination with the Tourism Ministry.
Rs 15 crore will be spent for upgrading the station, he said.
Besides Amritsar, there are plans to convert Jalandhar and Ludhiana stations into world class stations, he said.