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Proceeding of 19th BGM is held at Bengaluru on 16th & 17th May 2012

            The 19th BGM has started with flag hosting by our President Com. L. Mony at 10:30hrs on 16th May 2012 and after garlanding to Shahid Bedi (Martyrs Column) delegates took seats in the conference hall where one minute silence was observed in respect to departed soul.

            A presidium consisting of Com. L. Mony, Com. N. Sarkar and Com. T. Hanumaiah was proposed by Com. Secretary General to preside over the opened session as well as delegate session and accepted by the House. The delegates were welcomed by Com. V. J. K. Nair, Vice president CITU, Chairman Reception Committee and then the BGM was inaugurated by Com. Basudeb Acharia, Hon’ble M. P. (Lok-Shabha). Secretary General proposed a subject Committee consisting of General Secretaries with Com. N. B. Dutta as Convener to formulate the resolution and new team of Central body since no nomination has been received for any post. 

            The following invitees, guests and Leaders of different Trade Unions / Association, were then addressed the delegates in opened session.

1.       Com. Nirmal Mukherjee                      –          CLW Labour Union
2.      Com. B. P. Choudhury                          –          All India Commercial Clerk                                                                                           Association
3.      Com. Amanullah Khan                                    –          President, All India Insurance                                                                                          Employees Union, Karnataka                                                                                     State.

4.      Com. Jhon Vincent Kumar                 –          Secretary General / All India                                                                                             Station Master Association
5.      Com. R. N. Dixit                                                 –          General Secretary / All India                                                                                      Guard Council
6.      Com. R. Elangovan                                            –          President / DERU
7.      Com. P. S. Prasad                                   –          General Secretary Central                                                                                                       Government Co-ordination                                                                                  Committee / Karnataka State
8.     Com. Venkatesh Murthi                      –          General Secretary, NERU /

9.      Com. Dr. Mathew Abraham                –          Lokraj Shangathan 
10.  Com. M. R. Shenoi                                –          Bank Employees Federation of                                                                                       India / Karnataka
11.   Com. S. Prasanna Kumar                     –          State General Secretary / CITU /                                                                                          Karnataka
12.  Com. Anima Dhar                                 –          Wife of Late Com. S. K. Dhar,
                                                                              All India Democratic Women                                                                                        Association / Purulia District                                                                                      (West Bengal)

            All the speakers’ enlighten to-day is political and economical condition of the Country and its adverse effect on working class, farmers, youths and on common people while greeting the conference and whishing it success they also stress the need of unity of working class, Democratic people, Kishan Youth and prepare to struggle.  

            Greeting letter of General Secretary / AIRF was then read. Before open session was concluded at 14:30 hrs, Secretary General’s report and Account was placed for discussion. Mass rally was organized and started at 16:00hrs. from Bengaluru City Station, which was very much impressive. More than thousand Loco Running Staff, and some family members have also participated in Rally with banner and flag of AILRSA in all most all in all hands which become very much attractive and impressive. At the end of rally a musical team of Bengaluru who travelled all through way of our rally and performed a very good show in the conference hall too.

            Then delegate session started at 18:30hrs and the Secretary General report and Accounts was taken up for discussion which adjourned at 20:00hrs for 17.05.2012 at the end of delegates session, an IPTA team of Dongargarh (DGG) of SEC Railway performed a very good show which impressed the delegates very much. The scheduled Program of 16.05.2012 thus completed.

            On 17.05.2012 at 10:oohrs delegates session resumed and continued up to 15:30hrs total 39 delegates have spoken on the Secretary’s report and Account. Some of the desirous delegates could not be given opportunity to speak for want of time and session adjourned for meal to 16:30hrs.

            At 16:45hrs session resumed Secretary General and treasure gave reply of discussion and both the reports passed unanimously except the portion of the report through which Secretary General requested for relief from the responsibility of Secretary General.

            Com. N. B. Dutta placed the following resolutions which have been adopted unanimously.


1.      On Homage to Martyrs
              This 19th BGM of All India Loco Running Staff Association held on 16th and 17th May 2012 at Bangalore, pay homage to the brave personalities those sacrificed their lives in the struggles for the rights of the working class and upliftment of the toiling masses.

2. Condolence Resolution

              This 19th BGM of AILRSA express deepest condolence on the demise of Com. Joyti Basu, Ex.Chief Minister of West Bengal who occupied the chair for a record period of 23 years. Com.M.K.Pande, tallest leader of Indian Trade Union Movement and the master mind behind an unbelievable unity of all of the National Central Trade Unions including INTUC,BMS, Shri.Devanand, evergreen Cini actor, Shri M.F.Hussain, renowned artist, etc.

              This Association lost Com.M.Arumai, one of the founder member of Firemen Council at Bangalore, Com.M.C.Saha and Com.A.T.Shom of S.E.Railway, Com.A.MuniReddy and C.H.Narashima of S.C.Railway and Com.B.C.Bardoli of N.F.Railway. In addition to that Com.Anurag Kesari, ALP of Mysore division died while coupling a parted train, Com.K.Aadinarayana Rao, LP and Com.K.Swarna Raju, ALP of Vijayawada died in Kalahasti LC accident, Com.Suresh Kumar, LP(P) died in LC accident at Bangalore, the LP and ALP of Uttar Banga express who died in Saithia Accident and LP of Om Prakash of Muradabad Division in N. Railway who died on duty for want of necessary Medical aid although some highly officials were foot plating. We pay homage to hundreds of innocent people died in various Railway accidents, natural calamities and communal or terrorist attacks. We bow our heads in respect to those departed souls.

3.Support of Air Pilots’ Strike

              This 19th BGM of AILRSA protest against undemocratic and vindictive actions unleashed to suppress the Air Pilots’ strike. The root cause of the agitation is the hurried merger of the Air India and Indian Airlines, without sorting out the problems arise out of it. It is a disheartening fact that serious grievances of the most vital category who handles the lives of VVIPs from Inland and abroad are not sorted out even after lapsing years together after the merger and the Pilot’s Guild was repeatedly raising the issues.

  In a provocative manner the Airlines management resorted to implement 787 dream liner training programme to aggravate the grievances. The management did not even follow the direction from the High Court of Delhi to start negotiation with striking workers, but resorted to mass dismissal and locking the union office in the most undemocratic way.

We wish to state that the Pilots were following the direction of the Civil Aviation Minister Shri. Ajit Singh that “work first, fly fast and then talk” for the last many years. On the contrary the Honorable Minister only failed in his part of talks and settling the grievances.

The meeting urges the Government of India to roll back the penal actions and sort out the issues through negotiations immediately.

4. On Liberalisation

  During last two decades, the picture has become very clear that our Country is divided into two classes. One class is enjoying unlimited luxuries and comforts, and the other is so much exploited & deprived that they find no way to avoid starvation. One percent of the total population is at this shining side and 99% at the dark side. And most unfortunate that this 1% is enjoying the entire comfort of the Country by taking the Government and its many of the minister and officials whose name are surfaced in various cases of corruption into the confidence.  At present  the  total

 revenue deficit is Rs.5,21,980 Crore and the other hand tax relief granted to big houses & the corporate groups is Rs.5,29,432 Crore only. If this legal tax relief would have not been given then Government could have gained surplus revenue with no deficit budget. Many more problems of the nation could be solved and a vast section of people and hungry people could get food, unemployed boys and girls could get job, sky rocketing market price could be controlled to some extent. But actually the Government has lost that spirit. Government is appeared not for the people, but for protecting the corporate, industrialists, imperialists. The Central Government to-day appears very weak and surrender before black money, deep rooted corruption and also hiking price of essential commodities, India by surrendering its sovernity trying to become the 2nd partner of America by spreading the Neo- Liberalization policy in India.

              The house of this 19th Conference condemn this move and strongly protests the neo-liberlization policy and urge upon the Government to review the policy and its effect on common people and sovernity of India.

5. To save Railway

  Once upon a time, the Railway industry was like Gold mine. Railways independently after managing all its developmental works and welfare programmes diverting huge surplus revenue to general fund. Its job potentiality was so high that it was giving 60,000 new employments every year. Railways moral was also so high that the Minister for Railways were submitting resignation from his post on the reason of moral responsibility. But now the Minister flatly refused the order of Prime Minister even to visit the accident site for rescue and relief for victims. Nearly 2 lakhs of posts willfully kept vacant, profit ratio within short period reduced from 1.76 to 1.96.

              Shri.Lalu Prasadji left Rs.90,000 crores in general fund Rs 1,63,000 Crores was said to be in reserve fund and 17,000 crores to safety fund. No developmental or any expansion or welfare works undertaken as Miss. Mamta Banerji committed in her two subsequent Railway Budget. At the other hand the readily available Railway fund said to be exhausted and even to pay the wage of workers and to maintain the infrastructure Railway knocking the door of Finance Ministry. This condition of Railway is the result of using the Railway for narrow political interest deep rooted corruption and also for financial mismanagement, although the Railway workers increased the productivity despite of shortage of Railway workers. CAG also notes the excess in higher officials post exist in the Railway proportionate to their work wasting huge money to their salary. Railways were once proud, but now due to malfunctioning with certain political motivation, Rail industry has turned into a Polio patient and begging Rs.20,000 crores from Finance Minister, planning for selling Railway Bonds of Rs.10,000 crores, proposing to sell  the Railway Lands for earning money and also back door enhancement of freight charges etc. and now planning to deduct 5% salary from all  the Railway employees which is the  latest example of

 malpractice to build up funds. Hence, this 19th conference of AILRSA resolves to requests the Ministry of Railways to stop financial mismanagement, use the Railway for narrow political interest, over ride the corruption and refrain from such move to cut the pay and allowances of workers to preserve industrial peace and calls upon the comrades as well as the other Unions / Associations to prepare them self to struggle if the proposal of reducing the wage and allowance comes in reality. This conference also urges upon the worker to Co-operate in maintaining the productive, safety and punctuality in the Railway thus save Railway. 

   6. On our principle demands

     The delegates attending this 19th BGM of AILRSA expresses its serious resentment over the dilatory and negative attitude of the Railway Administration during the last four years in resolving the genuine grievances of Loco Running Staff related to their GP, rate of Kilometer allowance, Additional allowance for arduous duty to all of Loco Running Staff and review of HOER. The AILRSA considering the acute financial position of Railways, co-operates fully for smooth functioning of the Railways with a hope to get a reciprocal response from the Railway Administration, but the Railways’ response was negative rather provocative and discriminatory. However, the Ministry of Labour intervened into the situation and conciliation started by RLC (Central) New Delhi. In that too the negative and non-co-operative attitude of Railway Administration had been experienced and this resulted in the failure of conciliation. Lastly, the dispute has been referred to NIT for Adjudication. Here in also a non-co-operative behavior was experienced. The Railway Administration requested NIT, through a fax message, not to proceed but keep the proceeding in abeyance. Hon’ble Tribunal while ignoring this request started the proceeding of Tribunal, but it only reflects a conspiracy of Railway Administration to stall the proceeding.  
        This conference expresses its deep concern over such non co-operative attitude of Railway Administration which is not conducive for the health of the Railways and urges upon the Railway Administration to be responsive to the grievances of Loco Running Staff in the interest of maintaining the Industrial peace in the Railways as well as in the interest of safe operation and to maintain the productivity.
7. On unfair Labour practice

  The Ministry of Labour is the wing of Government of India entrusted to monitor, enforce labour rules and to mediate in labour disputes. The attitude of Railway officials to the constitutional forum under the Labour Ministry as well as Judiciary is condemnable.

a)            The Central Labour Tribunal, Chennai bench had awarded inflated DA to Running Staff duly allowing 30% pay element to DP in the case no. 1/2008 on 31.07.2009 but till date, Railways did not implement the award of the CLT/Chennai.

b)           Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), Bangalore and lately Hon’ble High Court        of Karnataka Dharward Bench had ordered to grant 30 hours PR in addition to the due trip rest of 16 hours but the Railway Administration is dragging the case before            different forums with a negative motive. Every where the right of the worker is established, but not even in a single     case, Railway Administration seen, accepting the decisions of the Labour forums.

c)            Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), Chennai had requested for permission to    travel by Locomotive to conduct job analysis. Permission is denied arbitrarily. Moreover the direction of Regional Labour Commissioner on 26.12.2011 to reclassify the Loco Pilots as Intensive category with effect from 11.12.2009 is not honored yet.

d)           The Honorable CAT/ERS had issued a historical decision on interpretation of the rule 8 of MACP and directed the Railways to grant MACP to all those who had completed 10 years in the present Grade Pay. Honorable CAT has also asked the Railway Administration to grant it to all and not to cause any employee to approach the court on similar issues. The Railway Administration is neglecting the order and not yet taken any action to abide to the court of law.

        So the meeting strongly demands the Railway Administration to honor the constitutional bodies like Ministry of Labour and Judiciary and uphold the democratic values and implement all decisions from Judiciary labour Ministry or Labour Court or LEO or LC at different places on different issues.

8. On Railway Safety

  Every accident that happen in Railways cause a public debate on the deteriorating safety standards of Indian Railways. “Milk the cow dry” policy of Shri Laluji has worsened the situation which further worsened due to the use of Railways for narrow political interest. In this score this BGM demands

i.                    Give priority to human resources development programmes and also renewal of assets as the majority of the accidents are caused for human failure and also the failure of system. Ensure full rest at Head Quarter and out station, avoid consequent duty for more than two night, stop unnecessary bureaucratic pressure on workers, unnecessary stress on mind of LP / ALP. 

ii.                 Stop instigating staff to violate safety rules and to go for short cut methods on the threat of disciplinary action.

iii.       Accept the recommendations of safety review committee headed by Justice
            H. R. Khanna that non consequential SPAD cases should not be treated as an accident. Committee further recommended that instead of finding a scape goat reason of revealing the actual cause of such incidents to be find out and remedial actions should be taken.

  iv.        Ensure uniformity in combination of signals and bring it as part of G & SR,                    instead of Signal & Telecommunication manual.

  v.         Fill up the 17,000 and odd vacancies in Loco Running cadre and realize an                                 over working and leave denial of Loco Pilot / ALPs is a potential danger to                           Railway Safety.

  vi.        Stop running of all of the trains including the pilot – trains, short distant                                     trains without Brake van, Guard or both on the pretext of emergency.

  vii.       Implement the recommendations of High level Safety Review Committee that                     resuming from leave and sick be at 8  O’clock in the morning and to provide                   cab signaling system.

  viii.     Stop serving call to work next trains before completion of their due rest hours               at head quarters as well as outstation.

  ix.       Running Staff should be given call only after completion of minimum 16hrs                clear trip rest at Head Quarter and 8hrs clear rest at out station irrespective of                        duty    hours.  Crew should not be  disturbed by giving call within  that rest                         period.                          

 x.       The cabs of all the Locos, Rest Room, and Running Rooms must be provided                    with AC without any further delay as assured on various occasions.

 xi.        At least a stop of 5’ (Minutes) be given after each 2 to 2 ½ hrs run in long run                      trains like Duranto, Rajdhani train to meet the natural necessities.

  Ministry of Labour had introduced a scheme of Safety Related Voluntary Retirement for Loco Pilots and Gangman as a relief measure to those suffering from ill-health due to their hard work. In this year Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff [LARSGESS] was introduced relaxing the qualifying service from 33 years to 20 years for Gangman and also extending the scheme to other departments like C&W and Traffic. But no change is brought in the case of Loco Pilots and 33 years of service and age limit of 51 – 57 retained as it is. As a result the scheme remains impractical in the case of Loco Pilot. It is worth mentioning that from 2005 – 2011, only 70 such retirements are allowed for Loco Pilots all over Indian Railway .i.e. Every Railway Zone could not allow not even a single retirement every year which proves the futility well.

              So this meeting demands to extend Liberalized scheme in terms of  qualifying service to 20 years as done in the case of Gangman .We also demand to appoint the ward according to his educational qualifications and not restrict to the post of ALP.

10. On Notional Increment to 1981 Victimized Staff

  This 19th BGM of AILRSA wants to draw the attention of Railway Board that in the 1981 January strike of the Loco men there were 882 workers dismissed throughout the Indian Railway.
              That all them came back in service / retired by the Judgment of R. Reddappa and others of the Supreme Court of India. In the Judgment para III, there was a direction that the dismissal period should be given NOTIONAL CONTINUITY of service. But the Administration did not implement the direction of Notional Continuity in true spirit at all the places. Except at some places the victims were granted increments for the dismissal period and the concerned staffs got the benefit but in Delhi, FZR, Jodhpur Division in N. Railway, N. E. Railway / SE Railway Loco Running Staff are refused the benefit of increment in retiring  benefit consequent of this, the sufferers are being demoralized gone through the litigation even up to the level of the Supreme Court, but despite of clarification of Jodhpur Hon’ble High Court, Principal bench CAT / New Delhi and even endorsement of Hon’ble S.C the benefit of increment for removal period is not given for retiring period in S. E. Railway, N. Railway and N. E. Railway and workers harassed and discriminated. 

              This 19th Conference demands the Railway Administration to grant the annual increment according to the Judgment of the Supreme Court of India in case of R.Reddappa and others which are further clarified, ordered by Hon’ble High Court, Jodhpur, Principal bench / Hon’ble CAT / New Delhi and also endorsement of Hon’ble Apex Court through rejection of SLP filed by the Railway Administration against the order of Hon’ble High Court Jodhpur without any further delay.

11. On the demand of Central Pay revision once in 5 years

  It is a universally accepted policy to revise the pay of all sectors once in 5 years. All the State Government employees, PSU employees, BSNL employees, Bank and LIC employees are having pay revision once in 5 years. Because of explosion of technical advancements the working conditions suffers drastic changes. So the demand of Confederation of Central Government employees and workers for revision of pay once in 5 years is fully justified and we support it.

12. On pay protection of medically de categorized Running Staff

  30% of pay of Loco Running staff is considered to be paid through Running Allowance. So whenever a pay revision takes place, the equivalent non running pay scales is also advised with weight-age of 30% of Pay element. But this time instead of issuing a general order, different orders for different purposes are issued like eligibility for departmental competitive examination, pass rules, fixation medically de categorized staff etc. In the former two orders the principle of adding 30% weightage is done correctly but last order says to retain the drawing Grade Pay until further

 advise. This is against the persons with Disabilities ( equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation ) Act, 1995 which stipulates retention of same pay and status. In case of medical de categorization while onduty as retaining in same Grade Pay while shifting to a non running scale is nothing but a reduction of status on account of medical de categorization, that too only for Running Staff. So this meeting demands to add 30% pay element with GP to determine equivalent non running grade pay for de categorized Running Staff.

13. On Locomotive conditions

  It may be a wonder for any outsider how different are the driving cabs of locomotives plying on Indian Railway line that too driven by the same Loco Pilot. The driving equipments are misplaced. The sound pollution and vibration are not controlled. Smoke and dust are free to enter the cab and so on.  Every loco sheds are given free hand to modify any loco without any pre requisite home work. So this meeting demands to provide a uniform driving cab for all types of locos with air conditioners and make all locomotives twin cab for better visibility.

14.  On footplate officials occupying ALP seat

  The Loco engine cab is having constraint in space to accommodate more people apart from engine crew. Most of the time inspecting officials /officers occupying the ALP seat which causes difficult for ALP to locate signals in time and in exercising good lookout which is paramount in safe working            of trains. Henceforth it is demanded to provide an additional seat for accommodating the inspecting officials/officers and also to advice the inspecting officials not to disturb the duty of ALP by occupying his duty.

15. Entire PME period to be treated as duty

  The entire period of time elapsed during the PME by the Loco Running Staff has to be treated as duty period as per the extent provisions of IRMM   since at present many Loco Running Staff are went without pay putting loan and his family in lurch and duress.

16.  On General Selection for CLI post

  At present for the post of Chief Loco Inspector (CLI) many Loco Pilot of Mail/Exp and Pass. Are being volunteered and now there is no difficulty in filling up the post of CLI. In the   mode  of  General  selection  a  situation  is  arising  that  those  who  are not handled Passenger/Mail/Express trains are nominated as Loco Inspectors for monitoring / inspecting Loco Pilots of Passenger/Mail/Exp, trains. Also many Junior Loco Pilots are inspecting the Senior Loco Pilots and having difficulties for effective inspection and supervision.

              Hence it is urged to treat the post of Chief Loco Inspector as selection post and not as the General selection post and be filled up basing on seniority cum suitability.

17. On discrimination against widows of 1986-96 retires.

  The 5th CPC had allowed a uniform rate of family pension of 30% of last drawn pay. While implementing the same an erroneous procedure was adopted for the wards of the 1986-96 retires and they did not get their due pension. This meeting demands the Government of India to rectify the anomaly and do justice to the aged wards if the Government employees.

18. On registering FIR on SM’s message.

  This BGM urges Railways to do away with the practice of registering First Information Report (FIR) after an accident on the mere strength of a message from Station Master under the extent provisions of Accident Manual even before knowing the cause of the accident in fact finding enquiry. This practice severely prejudices the case and the Loco Pilots are made to undergo undue hardship in criminal proceedings despite the Loco Pilots being completely exonerated and not found guilty in the departmental / statutory enquiry.

19. On Unmanned Level Crossing Gates

  In the last few years many Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots were killed in the unmanned level crossings. It is urged to eliminate all manned LC gates (with or without signals) and unmanned LC gates in line with the recommendations of High Level Safety Review Committee. Till such time in all unmanned LC gates reasonable speed restriction has to be imposed to save the lives of innocent engine crew, traveling public and road users.

20. Organizational Resolution / Decision.

1.                   This 19th BGM passed a resolution for change of address of AILRSA headquarters and partial alteration of rules.

                  The address of AILRSA head quarters should be at Arvindapally, Adra, Dist.    Purulia, West Bengal instead of Anara, Dist.Purulia West Bengal and the             necessary amendment in AILRSA constitution and rules of AILRSA to be made.

2.                  Campaign program should be taken at the different levels by the Zones in different ways on different urgent issues like MACP, duty hours, proper rest removal from service for SPAD, even there is no loss at all, proper investigation into the cases of SPAD, renewal of all over-aged infrastructure imposition of extra work on LP / ALP through different JPO etc. in June / July way and manner of

campaign to be decided by the Zonal committees. All the Divisions should have demonstration in second week of July at their convenience on the above referred issues. 

3.                  Convention on save Railways, Safety and on our urgent grievances at least at two places in each Zone, should be organized attended by Central Leaders in month of Aug / Sept 2012. Detail of it be formulated in CWC meeting.

4.                  A Committee has been constituted with the following Com to write the AILRSA history : -

i)                   Com. Harcharan Singh       –          Convener       –          N. Railway
ii)                Com. T. Hanumaya                         –          Member         –          S. C. Railway
iii)              Com. N. Sarkar                     –          Member         –          E. Railway
iv)               Com. P. K. Duttagupta        –          Member         –          E. Railway
v)                 Com. Sanjit Sarkar              –          Member         –          N. F. Railway  
vi)               Com. Trilok Singh               –          Member         –          W. Railway
vii)            Com. Jit Singh Tank           –          Member         –          N. E. Railway

5.                  It is resolved to extend medical assistance centrally, to Com. Sanjit Sarkar / N. F Railway, if so required for his heart disease. 

            The old committee resigned and Com. R. B. Yadav of E. Railway and Com. D. S. Koparkar has entrusted to conduct the election. Subject Committee has submitted a proposed list of Central Committee members and the Same has been unanimously accepted by the House. 
            Com. C. Sunish has given vote of thanks and Com. L. Mony newly elected president concluded the BGM at 19:30 hrs on 17.05.2012
New Committee Unanimously Elected.
1.                President                                           –          Com. L. Mony                       –          S. Railway
2.               Working President                          –          Com. N. Sarkar                     –          E. Railway
3.               Vice President                                  –          Com. Sanat Sen                    –          N. F. Railway
4.               Vice President                                 –          Com. T. Hanumaiah           –          S. C. Railway
5.               Vice President                                  –          Com. Prabhunath Ray        –          E. C. Railway
6.               Vice President                                  –          Com. K.A S. Mani                –          S. Railway
7.               Vice President                                  –          Com. Ramsharan                 –          N. Railway
8.              Vice President                                  –          Com. B. N. Bharadwaj        –          C. Railway
9.               Secretary General                            –          Com. M. N. Prasad               –          E. Co. Raiwlay
10.           Jt. Secretary General                      –          Com. N. B. Dutta                 –          E. Co. Railway

11.            Jt. Secretary General                      –          Com. K. C. James                 –          S. Raiway
12.           Asst. secretary General                  –          Com. Mrinal Kanti Seal      –          E. Railway
13.           Asst. secretary General                  –          Com. A. K. Singh                  –          S. E. C. Railway
14.           Asst. secretary General                  –          Com. K. Ishwar Rao            –          E. Co. Railway
15.            Asst. secretary General                  –          Com. M. P. Dev                    –          C. Railway
16.           Treasurer                                          –          Jit Singh Tank                      –          N. E. Railway
17.            Internal Auditor                              –          Com. M. C. Mandal             – E. Railway
Permanent Invitees: -
1.       Com. Gautam Dasgupta           –          Metro Railway          –          Kolkata
2.      Com. K. K. Raut                                     –          Central Railway  
Organizing Secretary       –         Railway              –         CEC/General                                                                                                     Council Member
1.          Com. R. R. Bhagat                     –          E. Railway                 –          Com. Manoj Roy
2.         Com. P. P. Govindam                –          N. F. Railway            –          Com. S. S. Thakur
3.         Com. S. K. Goutam                    –          C. Railway                 -           Com. H. B. Singh
4.         Com.  Roly M. M.                       –          S. Railway                  -           Com. S. Radhakrishnan
5.         Com. H. S. Bhaduria                 –          SEC Railway              –         Com.  Sanjay Giri
6.         Com. M. Kanakaiah                   –          S. C. Railway                         –          Com. A.V.S.N. Murti
7.         Com. A. K. Dixit                                     –          S. W. Railway            –          Com.M. R. Jayaram
8.        Com. Jafrool Hassan                 –          W. Railway                –          Com. Gajendra Verma
9.         Com. D. S. Rathore                    –          W. C. Railway           –          Com. Rajendra Kumar
10.     Com. D. K. Sahoo                       –          E. Co. Railway           –          Com. L. K. Giri
11.      Com. S. P. Sahoo                        –          E. C. Railway             –         Com. A. B. Thapa
12.     Com. Triloki Singh                    –          N. Railway                  –         Com. Gaurav Mittal
13.     Com. Ram Prasad                      –          N. E. Railway              –        Com. J. P. Kuswaha
14.     Com. Goutam Goswami           –          S.E. Railway               –         Com. Mahadeo Bhattcharjee
15.      Com. R. C. Choudhury              –          N. W. Railway             –        Com. P. K. Yadav

                                                                                                                                   (M. N. Prasad)
                                                                                                                                Secretary General


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