Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Driverless trains in Paris

The first driverless metro trains have entered service on the Paris’s Metro oldest line, equipped with fully automatic MT train protection system from Siemens. the Paris transport authority (RAPT) is currently switching the Metro’s line 1 to completely automatic operation  which also means driverless. Siemens is responsible for this innovation in the world of transportation where we can travel in trains which are driven automatically. the new system is very energy – efficient in operation and shortens the intervals between trains from 105 to 85 seconds. Line 1 carries up to 725,000 passengers every day which makes it most heavily travelled metro line in Paris. it would be unimaginable to even think of interrupting the service on this line for even a day, so the switch to automated operation is being carried without disrupting the service.

The Siemens rail automation unit’s solution was to perform the work at night. currently, the old trains are being replaced, one after another. In March 2012 there were 14 driverless trains on Line 1.It is expected by early 2013 that there will be 49 new metro trains equipped with the automation technology, bringing service up to full transport capacity. stations will be equipped with special platform screen doors to ensure safety of the passengers. the new trains use the Trainguard MT safety and control system, which is in service in many of the world’s big cities.

The new control system boosts energy efficiency and improves reliability: the previous system had to be left on when, for example, the trains were parked at night at a depot, in order to continually check and save data related to the vehicles’ position and status. after the new system is re-started it automatically determines the position of the train by means of intelligent communication between the train and the wayside equipment.


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