Tuesday, April 10, 2012

N.M.Miabhoy Tribunal (Railway Labour Tribunal 1969-RLT 1969) was an arrangement of JCM in which workmen (NFIR) and employer (Railways) agrees to go to an arbitrator to solve some issue, hence it is called ARBITRATION. Govt. can implement or modify or deny the award of Arbitrator (No legal binding). Present reference to National Tribunal is ADJUDICATION. If Government decides an issue is having National importance and worth to refer to Adjudicator it can refer the issue to Adjudication even without employers wish. But the Award by Adjudicator is having binding on employer to implement mandatorily. Hence it is a good opportunity for Loco Running men. (Previously in 1947 an Adjudicator(Justice Rajadhyaksha) was appointed to look after HOER for all Railway men).


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