Sunday, November 13, 2011

Result  of 11.11.11
45th meeting of PREM held on 11.11.11 at Rai lBhavan, New Delhi under the chairmanship of Sri Vinay Mittal, Chairman Railway Board with NFIR and AIRF.
Along with many other issues the discussion held on Running Staff matters as follows:
“Chairman Railway Board said that Board is working on these issues and further consultation with the federations will be held for settling the issue.”
As usual, as expected, Stillborn (delivery is success but child is dead).
Come out of illusion, join for intensive struggle.



It was as expected by the most of the Running Staff as they already know the nature & style of working of all of the three parties involved in PREM. Comrades, we will achieve our demands whenever we are able to show the unity & strength at All India basis of the level of unity & strength shown by the Motormen of Mumbai. We will have to decide to go up to extreme fight to achieve our goals. Sooner the better. Please keep in mind the agitation should not be ordinary as your demands are extra-ordinary as seen by others.

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