Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DLW to produce first prototype of WDG5 locomotive by February 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Vijay   
Tuesday, 29 November 2011
Varanasi: The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) will produce the first prototype of the WDG5 locomotive by February 2012. K.B.L. Mittal, General Manager, DLW formally initiated the production of the 5500 HP WDG5 locomotive at the Locomotive Frame Shop.

Speaking on the occasion, Mittal said that the locomotive has an output of 5500 bhp, which makes it the strongest diesel locomotive ever run on the Indian rail network. In combination with its record high tractive effort of 560 KN, it can pull significantly more load at higher speeds, thus enabling Indian Railways to increase the system throughput in the rail network. The WDG5 (W - Wide/Broad gauge , D - Diesel powered ,  G - Made for hauling goods , 5 - above 5000hp) locomotive design is a significant enhancement over the existing high horsepower diesel locomotives currently in use on the Indian Railways. In addition to providing the highest horsepower and tractive effort available within the Indian Railways diesel locomotive fleet, other highlighted features of the WDG5 include electronic fuel injection, radial grids and high adhesion light weight fabricated bogies.

This locomotive incorporates salient features from International Union of Railways (UIC) and Association of American Railroads (AAR) crash-worthiness criteria and is a major step forward in safety.

The locomotive also sports a state-of-art driver console with modern driver interface and crew friendly features like an air conditioned cab and a toilet, which is another first for the Indian Railways fleet. The WDG5 locomotive has the capability to integrate EMD’s Intellitrain remote diagnostic and monitoring systems to reduce maintenance costs, enhance safety, increase asset utilization, reliability and availability.

The complete high horsepower locomotive design was done by Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO) and Diesel Locomotive Works, (DLW) of Indian Railways with the support of EMD.

Also present on the occasion were Rakesh Vatash, Chief Mechanical Engineer,  A.K.Mittal, Controller of Stores, Vashisht Johari, Sr. Chief Design Engineer, Vivek Kumar, Chief Mechanical Engineer - Production, Atul Mohan, Finance Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, R.N. Mishra, Chief Mechanical Engineer- Materials, H. Narain, Finance Advisor & Chief Accounts officer- ToT, L.B.Rai, Chief Personal Officer,  P.K. Gupta, Chief Electrical engineer, D.L. Kamble, Chief Project Manager - MOD, A.k. Sharma, Chief Vigilance Officer, R.B. Yadav, Chief engineer - civil, Dr. Padam Singh, Chief medical superintendent, Shivendra Mohan, Deputy General Manager and Secretary to GM.


murugesan said...

WILL IT HAVE DUAL CAB OR WE HAVE TO SUFFER LONGHOOD WORKING AS IN WDG4/P4. Many Loco running staff are complaining like poor visibility and back pain in driving Long hood.

murugesan said...

Do the new Loco WDG5 has dual cab or do we have to suffer working of WDG4/P4 longhood where visibility is poor and poor enginemanship. There are many complaints of backpain to loco running staff who are working Longhood in p4/g4 locos.

Unknown said...

The WDG4/WDP4s were never meant to be operated LHF. The IDIOTS at IR should have ordered the EMD locomotives with duel cabs in the first place!

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