Monday, June 13, 2011

Decision of CWC Meeting, was held in Jain Dharmashala, Paharganj, New Delhi on 29th, 30th of May 2011
CWC meeting, which was held on 29th, 30th May 2011, presided over by Com. L. Many assisted by Com. N. Sarkar Working President took the following decisions after a threadbare discussion.
1. It came into the notice that AIRF was meeting with Railway Board on the question of rate of Kilometer-age on 8th May, so we decided to send a representation to CRB centrally immediately, copy to AIRF / NFIR detailing our views and we should be observed demand day on 06.06.2011 on all the depots all over country, submitting the memorandum to CRB through CCC / IC, advance copy to CRB through speed post C / to AIRF / NFIR too.
NB: - The memorandum, was sent to CRB, copy to AIRF / NFIR Centrally which was served upon all the three parties on 04.06.2011 only well before the meeting on 8th June.
2. It is decided to submit a memorandum to Hon’ble PM (In-charge of Railway), Hon’ble Chief Justice Supreme Court and other High Court.
NB: - That representation has already been sent through speed post on 08.06.2011 you may find a copy of that at E. mail add.
3. It has also been decided that if our demands are not met by end of July then we shall be left with no option but to go working in fast / sitting in fast all over country a notice of which will be served to each of GM through massive demonstration, 45 days before the commencing the “Fast”.
4. To formulate the mode and manner, and the date, a committee is constituted with the following Com: -
a. Com. L. Mony
b. Com. M. N. Prasad – Convener.
c. Com. N. B. Dutta
d. Com. K. C. James
e. Com. M. P. Deo
f. Com. R. S. Badgujar
g. Com. D. S. Koparkar.
h. Com. Luna Ram Siyag
i. Com. Dinesah Prasad Srivastava
5. It has also been decided to hold a regional workers convention in the month of July. The date and place be decided with mutual consultation of participating Zones but must be in July 2011. or by first week of Aug 2011
i) SR, SWR, and S.C. Railway - jointly – com. K. C. James, will Co-ordinate.
ii) S. E. Railway and E. Co. Railway – Jointly – Com. N. B. Dutta will Co – ordinate
(It is suggested to hold it either one day before or later in continuous to the BGM of S. E. Railway at ROU on 23rd, 24th July or in after noon, if BGM is completed in 1st half on 24th July)
iii) E.C. Railway, and N.E. Railway–Com. Dinesh Prasad Srivastava– will Co – Ordinate
(It is suggested to hold it on 2nd Aug’ 2011 either at SPJ or MFP or SEE where ever, convenient)
iv) E. Railway, N. F. Railway, and Metro Kolkata – Com. N. Sarkar – will Co – Ordinate
(It is suggested to hold it at Malda as suggested by Com. Sarkar any day in-between 14th, to 16th July, if can be held will be convenient to me to attend.)
v) N. Railway is holding its workers’ meeting at Haridwar on 3rd July, it will be better if N. C. R is mobilized there. Com. P. C. Jha will be responsible for that
vi) N. W. Railway, W. C. Railway, W. Railway – Com. Luna Ram will Co-Ordinate and decide the convenient place and date. It will be better if date will be on 6th July at Bhopal or the place, suits them.
vii) C. Railway, SEC Railway – M. P. Deb will Co-Ordinate and decide the place. It will be convenient, if they decide to hold it on 12th July, preferable it will better, if it will be at either at NGP or BSP.
6. An editorial Board has been constituted for Fire (Hindi) with the following Coms;
(i) Com. Giriraj Sharma – Mob no. +919461610961 – Kota / W. C. Railway
(ii) Com. Dinesh Choudhury–Mob no. +919407944700 – DGG in NGP Div./SEC.
(iii) Com. S. K. Gautam – Mob no. +919975215716 – NGP / C. Railway
(iv) Com. R. S. Badgujar – Mob no. +918097680738 – Kalyan / C. Railway
(v) Com. S. K. Choubey – Mob no. +919441340617 – VSKP / E. Co. Railway
(vi) Com. Ashok Kumar Rout – Mob no. +919431666028 – DHN, Div / E. C. Railway
7. It is tentatively decided that All India BGM will be held at Bangalore in S. W. Railway in May 2012 and delegation fee will be Rs. 500/- per delegate. Com C. Sunish will take an appropriate step in that direction.


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