Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear comrades,

This is to draw your kind attention towards a recent development in the Nandurbar HQ of Mumbai Central Division which is a glaring example of how the administration reacts when somebody raises his voice against injustice.

Comrade, K C Pal, Assistant Loco Pilot of HQ-NDB has been kept under absent since 23-06-2011 by CTCC-NDB Mr. Rajesh Wani, just for not accepting the call given to him while his rest period after completion of duty was not complete (in other words we call it UNDER REST).
Comrades, there is no such rule existing for marking anybody absent just for asking for complete rest.
In some of the DAR cases the same administration under Sr. DEE (TRO) BCT has taken up the running staff and/or TCC for working/booking under rest.
Comrades, I hereby request all of you to extend all kind of guidance & support whatever you can to Shri K C Pal (ALP-NDB) so that the administration should learn a lesson and no other running staff be harassed like this.        
Please find herewith attached copies of correspondence by Assistant Loco Pilot Nandurbar (NDB) who is also the branch secretary of AILRSA NDB branch.
Latest position as per his SMS on 29/06 he was served call book to attend office at 17.00 hours. The CTCC asked him to write an application for leave for the period 23-06-2011 to 28-06-2011 as per oral instruction of Sr. DEE (TRO) BCT. But our comrade didn't do that so CTCC given remark on his memo dated 29-06-2011 at 18.15 hours "You were called as per Sr. DEE (O) BCT & informed his instructions." (Please note the point there is nothing in black & white that what instructions were actually given by the Sr, DEE (TRO) BCT. 
Comrade K C Pal has already talked to me in detail & at length about his case and told me to send this mail.
For further Queries etc in this regard please call Comrade K C Pal on his mobile number 09423942678
Thanking you,

Mahesh N Pandya

Dear Mr Pal & Pandya
Nothing is new in the behavior of thes  administrators, they are not habitual to listen NO and the Loco Pilots & Motormen work honestly so they don't say yes all the time. Now the best option you have is -
Write the same to the Regional Labour Commissioner, Shram Shakti Bhavan, SION, Mumbai 22 and meet him personally. you also can give the same to the Media as a Press Note on your letter Head. Start fight on papers not by words.
Munesh Kulshrestha


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