Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Locomen,
As a result of our continuous agitational programmes for the past two years and Mass NH agitational call by Joint Action Forum of Mumbai on Jan 26th 2010, Fast Tract Committee was constituted. This FTC has submitted its report on June 14th. FTC report has not analysed the grievances of Loco Running Staff. It is prepared with preoccupied mind to fulfil their ill motives. They have not accepted any of our justifications. FTC is misinterpreting the facts and denied justice to entire Loco Running Staff.
It is known to all that the Joint Committee formed earlier in 2008 to decide the Rate of Running Allowance and percentage of Pay Element. In its report on 25th Nov. 2008, one of the officials, Sri. D.M. Goutham, EDPC-I has made his signature with a dissent note on the continuance of the 30% of pay element. The same officer is the convener of this FTC. Hence our apprehensions become true. He has advanced wrong calculations too. The table provided on page 7 of FTC report is unwarranted and beyond their terms of reference. Further many other staff including Railway Officers has got such increase in emoluments even more than the Running staff. FTC is not ready to reveal such comparisons in all fairness. In the same table, Running Allowance is calculated as doubled w.e.f. 1.1.2006. But the fact remains that the same was doubled only from 01.09.08 as per Railway Board order. The annual expenditure due to doubling of rate of KMA shown in FTC and the figures shown by the same EDPC-1 in the Joint Committee are different.
FTC tried to justify that 6th CPC has correctly decided the grade pay to Running Staff. FTC with grate difficulties found that Children Education Allowance Rs.2000 per month and Transport Allowance are given to Running Staff. When both the benefits are very common to entire Central Government employees, FTC camouflaging the fact as if it is given to Running Staff only.
Further, FTC shirked from its responsibility and said Gradepay and additional allowance to Running Staff is on the agenda of Departmental Anomaly committee (DAC)
The Joint Committee, 2008 was on the assumption of doubling of TA rate made the running allowances rate as doubled. But later, TA rate was raised more than three times. The FTC concealing these facts, but now advancing a new concept that the percentage of pay element and rate of running allowance are combined as a package and denied our rightful demands on the rate of running allowance.
The just demands of motormen for ALP/ single handed allowance or different mode of computation of mileage in suburban working were not accepted by FTC.
The stepmotherly attitude of Federations towards the Running Staff further compounded the adverse report by FTC negating our serious struggles for the past two years.
The Govt resolution published through the gazette notification dt. 29/8/08 fixed one year term to redress the anomalies on the implementation of 6th CPC. Even after the lapse of two years none of the anomalies so far get redressed and the Federations also not made any endeavour and struggles to compel the Govt. to redress the anomalies in a fixed time frame set by them. This lethargy still continued to form a Judicial Review Committee on HOER as agreed on 15.02.2006 in JCM. Alas! the power of JCM!! On this background only Mumbai agitation erupted. Even after this historical agitation, the federations failed to honour and respond to the feelings of Loco Running Staff. Rather, these federations acted in an egoistic manner, not in the true spirit of Trade Union, decided not to associate with FTC exclusively for Loco Running Staff and the golden opportunity was deliberately missed. This betrayal by the Federations towards Loco Running Staff cannot be forgotten by every Loco Running men and it is a historic blunder in the annals of Trade Union history.
The convenor of FTC, EDPC-1 is also one among the important officers in decision making in DAC, being so, the anomalies will automatically get redressed in DAC as put forth by the Federations is nothing but illusion. Unless and until we unitedly raise our voice and involving ourselves whole heartedly in the struggles will only yield desired results.
Further the Railway Board officials present before RLC/ New Delhi on 25/6/10 stated that “the recommendations of the FTC is put up before appropriate forum of the Raliway Board and the matter will be examined at a larger forum to see that it gives satisfaction to the large no. of Railway employees.”
In this scenario, it is decided to convene Regional Conventions at seven places all over Indian Railways and a National Convention to mobilise large number of Running Staff to prepare for struggles. Our Southern region (SR, SCR, SWR and VSKP division of ECOR) convention will be held on 3rd August at Vijayawada.
Hence this Association calls upon every one to associate with the struggles to achieve our rightful demand and muster your strength of Vijayawada.


Stn. Chennai, Dt. 27/7/10 AILRSA, Southern Region


Anonymous said...

Great Info! But I’m having some trouble trying to load your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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