Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Notice for Extended CWC meeting

I hereby call an extended CWC meeting up to Divisional Secretary’s on 11th, 12th march 2010 starting from 10:00 hrs on 11th march, will be concluded latest by 20:00 hrs on 12th March 2010 to enable to catch the convenient train to return your Head Quarter. To-wards HWH you may avail 2842 (Coromandal Exp) dept at VSKP 22:10 from VSKP, to-wards Chennai 2841 dept 4:40 on 13.03.2010, for NGP/Delhi by 8518 / 2409 i.e. by 8518 to R and then from R to NGP, and Delhi by 2409 for Mumbai (CSTM) 1020 is available.

Agenda to be discussed

1. Organizational position
2. Our future task in post conclusion of RLC conciliation on 19th Feb 2010
3. Member ship position
4. Any other subject with the permission of chair

All the CWC members / Zonal / Divisional Secretarys must come having a discussion on future task in post RLC conciliation based on actual mental preparation of our workers. They also requested to come in time so meeting will start in time.

Divisional Secretary / WAT and Zonal Secretary / E. Co. Railway will see that all arrangement is done for meeting.

With greeting,

Yours’ comradely

(M. N. Prasad)
Secy. General


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