Monday, September 28, 2009

1)I am S.M.Lokhande/Loco Pilot/SUR wants to put few lines in reference to Micro Sleep the reason of train accident attributed to human failure on administrative account. I mean to say that micro sleep disease attacking on running staff's health due to the administrative lapses only such as non granting of PR, continuous night (Graveyard shift)working, not granting of leave, inadequate facilities at Running Room, lack of interest of enquiry committee's towards the route cause of accident & suggestion to prevent it. Enquiry committee's are interested only in fixing the responsibility upon the running staff based on the violation of outdated rules instead of going in deep.
For details about Drivers Fatigue, Micro sleep please visit:
In India the condition may even be worse. since the quality of periodic medical exam is bad. they just want to give you a-one certificate so that u are ready to drive the trains.
medical is like formality or an instrument of harassment.


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