Friday, September 4, 2009

A questionnare is supplied by RB to all DRM's to submit by today
Please ensure that our views to be represented.

Personal Data
Division: Station: Section:
Name of the employee:
Pay in pay band: Grade Pay:
Q1.Whether you are satisfied with your Job ? (Pl Tick one appropriate box)
1-2-Not satisfied
3-5-Average satisfied
6-8-Very satisfied
9-10-Highly satisfied
Q2.Have you any problems in discharging in your duties?Yes/No.
If yes please tick relevant item/items:
(1)Problems with subordinates:
(2)Problems with colleagues:
(3)Problems with superiors:
(4)Non-availability of tools and equipments:
(5)Problems regarding payments and other personnel issues:
(6)Have any other problems (Please specify)
Q3.Have you any personnel problems which effect your working? Yes/No.
If yes,please tick relevant item/items:
(1)Your personal health problems if any:
(2)Health problems of family:
(3)problems related toyour children:
(4)Any other problems (please specify)
Signature of tke employee with dsate.


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