Sunday, December 13, 2009

(Conciliation talk between AILRSA and Railway Board at RLC(Central),
New Delhi on 24.11.09

Name Designation Signature
John Ekka Deputy Director
D. Mallik Joint Director
Hari Kishan Director, Pay Commission

Name Designation Signature
MN Prasad Secretary General
L Mony President
NB Dutta Joint Secretary General
JS Tank Treasurer
KC James Assistant Secretary General

Minutes: 24.11.09

Parties are present as per the Attendance Sheet enclosed. The matter has been discussed in detailed. The general secretary of the Association has elaborately brought various issues for which he requested that some immediate solution may be made otherwise employees are raising various quarries for a fast relief. He has also submitted a list of their demands of dated 05.10.2008 which is also taken on record and also a letter dated 24.11.2009 which has been addressed to the honourable Minister for railways for which the association states that they are going to give a Resolution for which is also taken on record.

Basically their issues are involved in letter of dated 05.10.2008 and 24.11.2009 and copies of the same also delivered to the management of Railways. As in the initial notice of conciliation the details of the demand were not sent to them so the rep. of management are requested that they should look into these issues and put up their specific submission with in six weeks.

The association vide their letter dated 05.10.2008, addressed to the Hon’ble Minister for Railways in which they have decoded to organize their agitation programme by sit in Fast for 24 hours on 25th/26th Nov 2009 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The Association representation present today have been advised that since the matter is now under the consideration any concerted action during the process of conciliation proceedings will defeat the very purpose of conciliation so they are requested to defer their agitation programme and await for peaceful conciliation and solution. The Association also agreed to defer their agitation movement but requested that since for 25th Nov:2009 they have already decided to hold a Railway at Jantar Mantar, so in this regard they are again advised they should immediately pass on the message to their workers to not to do any concerted action during the process of conciliation proceedings. The Association representatives present today stated that since the programme has already been decided a long ago and they have already representatives to participate for the Rally throughout the country, so they may try their level best to hold the Rally in a peaceful manner without disturbing the working of the Railways. They are again advised to see all the possibilities for not to hold this.

The management is also requested that various issues which have been raised in the representation requires immediate consideration and they should find out the ways to resolve it at the earliest.

Hearing is adjourned and next date is fixed for 18.1.2010 at 11.30 a.m.



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