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Resist new Running Allowance rates which allow Rs.7.50 as TA for a day for RC and any other Training.Rs.68/- as TA in a month for working trains all the 365 days for Loco Pilots.

While this Association is on the serious agitational path against the deeply depressed pay structure of Asst. Loco Pilots, the release of report of the committee under Chairmanship of Adv (IR) RBE 202/2008 regarding pay element and rate of Running allowance come like “Bolt from the Blue”
As per RBE 202/2008 orders the rate of Running allowance for LP (Pass) is derived as Rs.169/- and Rs 121/- for ALP the committee says.
• Though every reason exist to reduce the pay element even after IV and V CPC by considering the Running staff productivity is more important, if an attempt is made to reduce the pay element basing on depression concept will ultimately lower the motivation level and in turn affecting the efficiency in train operation.
• Assuming TA revision as Rs.210/- and taking minimum of pay band Rs. 9300 + GP Rs. 4200,arrived the rate at Rs.160/-and decided not to continue the RAC 1980 formula and concluded Doubling of mileage rate with effect from 01.09.2008.
Continuously and vigorously our Association is strongly advocating against the ‘depression concept’ for arriving % of pay element. The same is accepted by the committee only because of our united struggles. But RAC 1980 clearly devised a formula to determine the rate of Running Allowance, accordingly for the past 28 years periodical revision of rate of Running Allowance has been taken place basing on the varying parameters of the formula despite our reservations on the parameters.
The newly coined depression concept by RAC 2002 on selective and convenient comparison to suit to their ill intention without considering the nature of work, duties and responsibilities of Loco Running Staff and that of other Non-Running Staff only been taken by Adv(IR) committee, but deliberately ignored the enhanced number of days of TA and real time data on NAK(4700km).Further this committee has taken minimum of PB 2 ie.Rs.9300+GP Rs.4200,wherein which no LP(Pass) draws Rs.9300 as pay in pay band is unjust and intended to reduce the pay of Running staff. Loco running staffs are given just replacement scales, in order to retain the relativity with others, mean pay concept need to be continued. (ie) Rs.22050 + GP Rs.4200, contrarily taking minimum of pay in PB 2 and taking TA rate as Rs.210/-whereas the revised new TA rate (Rs.340/-) to determine the rate of Running Allowance as double will not meet ends of justice. If the new rates are allowed to continue, we will not get any compensation for the outstation stay while all others will enjoy.
The mean of pay of Loco Pilot (Pass) is {(9300 + 34800) / 2} + 4200 = Rs 26250/- The 30% pay element is Rs.7875/-.The national average killometerage of passenger link is 4700.So the average running allowance of Loco Pilot (Pass) is {(169*4700) / 100} = Rs.7943/- ie the TA component is 7943 – 7875 = Rs 68/- ?!!!.....
Similarly the pay element for a day is 7875/30 = Rs.262.50.ALK for LP(Pass) is Rs.270/-.He will get Rs.7.50 as TA when attending RC / Promotional course while all others with same grade pay will get Rs.340/- as TA. Very same ill fate is shared by ALPs in Passenger links. The ill fate of LPs and ALPs working in Goods need not be spoken. None of them will get their actual pay element even!! No arrears pay element from 01. 01. 06 to 31.08.08 will be paid to us. This will become a penalization for maintaining the higher medical standards and continue in the most tedious duty as the medically decategorised running staff will get the arrears.
Rather to correct the infirmities in the RAC 1980 formula, but abolishing the time tested formula which we got after waging continuous struggles on scientific revision of Running Allowance will pave the way for the loss of periodic revision and lead to include the Running Allowance system under PRIS (Performance Related Incentive Scheme as suggested by VI CPC).Let us not fall prey to evil design
This Association’s continuous and tireless efforts and struggles had drawn the attention of Ministry Of Railways to spell out to redress the grievance of Asst. Loco Pilots grade pay. Let us grab this opportunity to rigorously continue our agitation programs to achieve our following demands

1. Upgrade ALP grade pay to Rs.2800/-
2. Allow enhanced distinct GP for LPs
3. Extend additional allowance to all LPs and ALPs
4. Revise rate of Running Allowance as per RAC 1980 formula.
5. Appoint judicial review committee on HOER

Let us join hands and uphold unity of Loco Running men to achieve our righteous pay and allowances

Muster our strength to Regional Conventions and Rail Bhavan March on Feb.6th 2009
Forget who raised the injustice first or
Signed in agreements – Let us unite to fight out the injustice



Venue changed for the regional convention of the Central & Western Railway from Mumbai CST to Railway Institute THANE (West)on date 19TH January, 2009 at 15.00 hours, The Convention will be followed by the press conference. Shri Haribhau Rathod (MP), AILRSA/CWC members Com M N Prasad, Com L Mony, Com N Sarkar, Com T Hanumaiah, will address the convention. AILRSA leadres from Central & Western Railway and Leaders of Western Railway Motormen Association will also address the convention.

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