Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Railway Board
Rail Bhvan
New Delhi
Fax No. 011 23381453
Respected Sir,
Subject : - Demands Day by Loco Running Staff on 23rd Dec 2008
Members of this association are observing today – 23rd Dec. 2008 as demands day all over India by wearing demand badge on duty. Association took this decision to highlight the protest against the low pay scales allotted to loco running category when compared to the work load and responsibility shouldered by them.
The recommendations of the committee appointed by railway board to determine the quantum of pay element and running allowance rates are disheartening. The quantum of pay element in the existing rates for a new entrant assistant loco pilot is Rs.2319/- and for a loco pilot goods is Rs.4050/- and the 20 day’s T.A. is Rs.4200/- and Rs.6800/- respectively ie they should get Rs.6519/- and Rs.10850/- respectively through running allowance. For that an ALP should earn 5400Km and LP/Goods to earn 6500Km every month, which is an impossible task. When this be the fate of the Junior most ones, it is better not to speak about seniors having still higher basic pay.
So the ……………… branch of AILRSA represent their protest and once again request reconsideration on our demands to prevent an out burst of growing discontentment among the most vital category of staff in railways.

Yours faithfully,

Place : ……….. Secretary
Date : 23 – 12 – 2008 …………..Branch.


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