Friday, September 27, 2019

All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) is a fighting organization representing the Assistant Loco Pilot, Shunting Loco Pilot, Loco Pilot Goods, Loco Pilot Passenger, and Loco Pilot Mail of Indian Railways. 

AILRSA Central Working Committee meeting held at “SOUHARDA”, All India Insurance Employees Association (AIIEA) hall, Mission Road, Bengaluru on 24 and 25 September 2019. The meeting was attended by around 120 delegates from entire 17 Railway zones (almost all states) in Indian Railways. 

The meeting discussed the problems faced by the Loco Running Staff in particular and passed resolutions and planned program of agitation to settle the issues. 

As a committed trade union it is the duty of AILRSA to fight against the anti labour policies of the Government 


The Indian Railways continues, till now, as the cheapest mode of transport for hundreds of lakhs of our people. It carries over 2 crore people every day from one place to another. It is estimated that the total distance covered by both passenger and freight trains in a day in India is, on an average, 3 million kms - a little less than 10 times the distance between the earth and the moon! Built by the toil of lakhs of workers who faced extreme conditions including starvation and endemic diseases while negotiating difficult terrains across the country, Indian Railways till today remains world’s largest railway system under a single management - the government of India. 

But the BJP led government appears to be determined to change this. It has decided to dismantle and hand over this colossus establishment to the private players, domestic and foreign and is going ahead in that direction. 

Despite its immense service to the common people, particularly the poor, successive governments have neglected to expand and upgrade the railway network to meet the increasing demands of the nation, by allocating adequate financial resources. With the official advent of neoliberal policies in the country under the Congress led regime in 1991, Indian Railways too have become a target for privatisation. 

AILRSA calls up on entire railwaymen and rail users to oppose the privatisation measures incorporated in the 100 days Action Plan proposed by the Ministry of Railways with the approval of the Minister of Railways. The Railway Board vide letter dated 18.06.2019 has directed that immediate action to be taken to implement the Action Plan by 31st August 2019. 

AILRSA strongly condemn and demand to do away with the above proposal, and understood that it is the duty of AILRSA to do whatever possible to stop the privatisation and pledge to do so. We also understand it is a task to be undertaken by the railway workers as a whole and plead all trade unions of railway men to unite and fight privatisation. 

The following action program is planned by AILRSA 

a) Black Day on 4th October --To protest flagging off of Tejas owned by IRCTC which is the first private owned trains in Indian Railways. 

b) Solidarity day on 28th November 2019, To support the long march decided from CLW to HOWRAH from 28.11.19 to 13.12.19. South Eastern Railway and Eastern Railway is directed to arrange 25 delegates from AILRSA on shift for the entire walk from 28.11,19 to 13.12.19 and also to give all possible support and propaganda for the march. Joint Demonstration shall be organized along with sister trade unions of all main centers. 

c) Public Meeting: hold public meeting in the evening of divisional convention to protest privatization. 

d) Convene a national Convention at New Delhi attached to our mobilization inviting sister trade unions and intellectuals. 

L Mony,                                                                                         MN Prasad 

Central President AILRSA                                                  Secretary General AILRSA 

For any clarification please contact 

KC James, Mob: 9495341516 

Joint Secretary General AILRSA


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