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Light at the end of the tunnel.

Signal passing at danger is an occupational hazard concerned to a Loco pilot. As there are occupational hazards connected with every kind of job in the world which do not attract capital punishment, earmarking capital punishment to Loco Running Staff alone for signal passing is a grave injustice as nobody does it willfully.

After Justice HR Khanna committee report in 1998, AILRSA’s efforts for scrapping capital punishment of Removal for SPAD to LP/ALP was vigorously started through many programs and in different forums. Our posters, continuous representations are reminders of the past efforts. Subsequent committees (HLSRC, HPC, Task Force Committee) were convinced, and endorsed that our demand is genuine and recommended to review the policy. 

To check the growing number of rail accidents, the then Railway Minister, Mr Dinesh Trivedi, on 16 Sept 2011 announced the setting up of a high-level Safety Review Committee. The committee, comprising of experts in technical and high-end technology-related fields, was headed by Dr Anil Kakodkar, former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission. The committee submitted their report on 17.02.2012

On 22.05.2012 Hampi express met with an accident at 03.15 hours in Penukonda station of Bangalore division with 25 deaths and injury to many passengers. Railways immediately justified the reason for accident as HUMAN-FAILURE. On 07.06.2012 AILRSA South, South Western and South Central Railway jointly conducted a CRS office march at Bengaluru and submitted a memorandum to CRS with copy to Chairman Railway Board.

Later on 12.06.2012 Railway Board convened a meeting at New Delhi. The meeting attended by CME/DyCME( Operations) of all Zonal Railways with one CLI, addressed by CRB, MM and AMME. The minutes of the meeting was circulated with instructions for implementation. But as usual this report also was shelved in cold storage. We were extremely happy to note that the above minutes contains all the suggestions submitted by AILRSA on 07.06.2012 except the hazard of WDP4 Long hood working.

High Power committee of 2013 headed by D.P .Tripathi had submitted their recommendations to Railways but these recommendations are still sleeping in those reports which have not seen the light of day.

Ministry of Railway formed a TASK FORCE ON SAFETY on 06.12.2016 and they submitted their report containing 77 pages altogether on 10.01.2017 to be implemented in a time bound manner. In their report, 24.6.1. “SPAD should be classified accordingly to the distance of overshooting. Cases of SPAD should be dealt differently upon whether the LP, after committing SPAD, has stopped within the signal overlap or crossed the overlap. This should also decide the penalty imposed on the erring crew.”

How can we forget the 36 hours Hunger fast program by our Central Committee members during the winter of December 14th,15th of 2015 at New Delhi, and the HISTORICAL 36 hrs. hunger fast program on 25th & 26th of April 2017, by members all over India while On duty and OFF duty in Summer which brought serious attention towards the demands. All the individuals those participated in different AILRSA programs bear testimony to these facts.

As a final touch in this issue, on behalf of AILRSA , a team lead by Com MM Roly, Central Organizing Secretary met Sri ASHVINI LOHANI, CRB @TVC on 27.10.2017and submitted a long pending demands of Removal for SPAD ( item No.3 of AILRSA representation dated 27.10.17). We were relieved to note that our demand to scrap the penalty of capital punishment for SPAD had finally found its place among CRB inspection notes of TVC visit(item no.14) with the direction to PED Safety RB to review the whole policy of SPAD penalty.

The RB has constituted a committee vide letter dated 23.11.2017 and asked opinions about penalty for SPAD, from all CSO’s of Indian Railway holding informal consultations with officers, running Staff unions etc.

During this period AILRSA met CRB with representations during his visit to each zone as follows.

A team led by Com. AK Rawat ECR on 30.11.17 @ Dhanbad Division, A team led by Com T Hanumaiah Central Vice President, SCR on 06.12.17 @ Secunderabad, A Team led by com SK Choubey, General Secretary ,ECoR on 12.12.17 @ VSKP, A team led by DK Saini, General Secretary NWR on 25.12.17 @ Jaipur.

During CRB visit to Bengaluru on our comrades were ready with a memorandum, but unfortunately CRB cut short his program and went to RWH/YNK.

AILRSA submitted its representations to the Penalty Review Committee on 05.12.2017. Finally RBO No.2017/Safety(A&R)/18/11 dated 08.01.2018 came with guiding norms for imposition of punishment on Loco Pilots/Assistant Loco Pilots in cases of SPAD. AILRSA welcomes the decision of scrapping the Removal for SPAD within Block over lap (BOL)/Signal Over Lap.

AILRSA has some more points which are to be represented for further fine tuning the above order. Surely it is a milestone in our service. As we have witnessed persistent crusade, relentless efforts alone can bring favourable working environment. AILRSA’s effort in this case is a classic example. AILRSA salute the mass support, and efforts of every one for this demand. We should consolidate our unity for further positive changes in this issue and other issue too. We should unitedly fight to weed out circumstances which are leading to SPAD. Always Prevention is better than cure. AILRSA appreciate the Human Touch of CRB in resolving the issues.

At the same time let us take the PLEDGE that MY TRAIN WILL NOT PASS A DANGER SIGNAL without AUTHORITY.


AILRSA CWC meeting at AILRSA Bhavan, Ernakulam Junction on 11 & 12 February 2018 will discuss the future programs.


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