Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Six wheels of Bandra-Jaisalmer Humsafar Express got derailed, but no passenger injuries have been reported.JAIPUR Updated: Oct 14, 2017 
HT Correspondent  Hindustan Times
The railway engine without loco pilot travelled a distance of about 3 km from city's suburban railway station Bhagat ki Kothi and collided with the engine of a stationary train at Basni.(HT PHOTO)

Passengers on board Bandra-Jaisalmer Humsafar Express had a providential escape Friday night when a driver-less railway engine slammed into the train at Basni railway station.

The “rogue” engine travelled a distance of about 3 km on the track’s downward slope from Jodhpur’s suburban railway station Bhagat ki Kothi before slamming into the stationary train engine.

The impact derailed six wheels of the Humsafar Express. The passengers felt a strong jerk and some luggage also fell of the berths. However, no injuries were reported.

Railway officials said a probe has been launched to investigate how the engine rolled down the track. As per the officials, the engine, brought from Marwar junction, was parked on the second line at Bhagat ki Kothi station.

The railway tracks being at a considerable slope, Railway sources said, the engine started moving towards Basni station at around 8.20 pm. As it started gathering speed, the railway staff alerted authorities following, which attempts were made to stop the engine by putting stones on the track.

The engine, however, crashed through the stones before coming to stop after ramming into engine of Hamsafar Express. This resulted in a sharp jerk to the passengers sitting in the train. Six wheels of the train engine got derailed.

Following the accident, the Jammu Tawi express was made to halt for more than 3 hours at the Salawas station.


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