Friday, August 11, 2017


The Chairman,

Railway Board,

Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.

(Through DRM /                          Division)

Respected Sir,

This union observe 24-08-2017 as Demand Day throughout the country demanding the following:

1. Ensure 14.29% raise in Pay while fixing Pay in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix for Running Staff.

The Government of India resolution dated 25th July 2016 directed to ensure 14.29% raise in the emoluments while fixing pay in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix for all employees. For the Running staff an illustration also has been issued in the letter showing the fixation of pay in 7th CPC.

But on application of the said illustration it is found that the directive to ensure 14.29% raise in Pay not being yielded. The matter was represented on many occasions last on date 07.08.2017 by our Secretary General on email address and on 10.08.2017 through speed post enclosing our CWC meetings resolution but still not settled. The Running staff got their pay fixed in 7th CPC at a lesser rate of increase than 14.29%. The Running staff alone is discriminated in this score, and subjected to injustice. 

We demand to revise the illustration given in the order to ensure a raise of 14.29% Pay as envisaged in the Gazette notification of the Government of India.

2. Fix Running Allowance rate strictly applying RAC 1980 formula.

The time tested formula of RAC 1980 must be applied to arrive at the rate of running allowance. It is an agreed fact that Running staff get their 30% Pay and TA through running allowance.

After a detailed study the Running allowance committee in the year 1980 derived a formula to calculate the Running allowance rate. It stood for the past 35 years to the satisfaction of everybody.

Thus we demand to fix the Running Allowance rate strictly applying the RAC 1980 formula in the 7th CPC regime too.

3. Withdraw RB order and SR to include hammer and screw driver as personal equipment of ALP.

The AILRSA strongly protest against RB order No. 2010/ Safety(A&R)/19/18 dated 21.7.2017 regarding certain equipment to ALPs. The Association demands immediate withdrawal of this order.

Sir, the four items, especially the hammer and screw driver newly mentioned in the circular can be kept in the line box of LP along with the prescribed items as per GR 4.19. The ALP is not going to work the train alone, without a LP. The ALP can use these equipments from the line box, if these are kept in it. Thus the purpose sought by this order, can be achieved.

Instead of this course, when it is feasible, asking the ALP to carry the same personally in a separate bag, seen as an intention to harass and humiliate them. Under these circumstances we plead before your august office to reconsider the order and suitable modification be done, so as to provide these items also in the line box of LP carried by box carrier, if at all feel necessary but not be asked an ALP to carry. 

Thanking you,

                                                                                                                          Yours Sincerely 

                                                                                                                     (Divisional secretary)


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