Monday, December 19, 2016

The FIR registered by the CBI against top railway official KL Bhoyar reveals exclusive details of how the railway officials converted black money into white at the cash counters post demonetisation. India Today has an exclusive copy of the FIR.

Saurabh Vaktania | Edited by Yashaswani Sehrawat
Mumbai, December 18, 2016 |

1 FIR against top railway official reveals scam runs in several crores.

2 Accused Bhoyar exchanged over 8.22 lakhs between Nov 9-17.

3 Whistle blower is a woman chief cashier at CST railway station.

From the very next day after demonetisation was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, money exchange started at the Indian railways cash counters.

India Today was the first to report the money exchange scam going on in the Indian Railways post demonetisation. The Indian railways vigilance department wrote a letter to the departments admitting that money exchange was being done at various cash counters in Indian railways.

This led to an FIR being registered by the CBI against KL Bhoyar, the Assistant Commercial Manager at CST railway station, Mumbai for the money exchange racket.


India Today now has an exclusive copy of the FIR filed by the CBI in the matter. The FIR copy gives inside details of the whole money exchange scam and how the scam was brought out.

The exclusive pointers of the FIR are as follows.

After the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation decision on November 8, old Rs 500 and 1000 notes started being exchanged at the cash counters of the Indian Railways from the next day on wards.

The whistle blower in this case is a woman chief cashier at CST railway station who filed two reports in the matter. She gave a detailed report about the scam, disclosing the total money that was exchanged from the cash counters.

She revealed that the accused Bhoyar had exchanged money from two stations- CST and Kalyan railway station.


Bhoyar went to the Kalyan station, which is located abour 60 km fron the CST station, on November 9 itself and exchanged a small amount of Rs 5000. Later, he started increasing the amount with each passing day, so much so that he exchanged over Rs 2 lakhs on a single day once.

Between November 9-17, he had exchanged over Rs 8.22 lakhs.

The CBI, in their FIR, has said that Bhoyar abused his official position, leading to them registering an FIR against him.

Another important point in the FIR is that after this scam came out in the open, surprise checks were made at Kalyan, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar railway station where the railway officials found that the cashier were not keeping ny details of how many notes of new Rs 2000 were being deposited.

The railway officials were shocked to learn that Rs 2000 notes received at the cash counters did not go to banks of the Indian railways as there was no record kept.

It is now clear that the railway money exchange scam runs in at least several crores.


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