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Dear friend,

In my first reply message, I assured you that I will give reply to other issues you raised in your whatsApp message dated 28.07.2016.

1. You blame that through many whatsApp, AILRSA is claiming the achievement, what has come through the Government notification on 7th Central Pay Commission. It is not true, what our whatsApp messages are intended to inform workers the development and not intended to claim achievement as you are doing through your messages. 

2. You are requested to us show single evidence that AILRSA raised issue of 14.3% increase in pay opposing Empowered committee on Running allowance as well as on Empowered committee on 7th CPC etc .

In this connection you may see the website and blog of AILRSA and you definitely find a series of representations given by AILRSA. You cannot fool the workers by raising false allegations.

3. We have no urge or necessity to claim others achievement as of AILRSA, the very fact that the Running staff are still stand behind AILRSA, more than behind IRLRO. This itself show the credibility of AILRSA among Running Staff. Running Staff know who relentlessly fight for the cause.

4. You wanted the blessing of M N Prasad. But in trade union concept the blessing or whatever must come from workers. The credibility of IRLRO is in question that is why workers not coming to you.

5. The IRLRO, or any other trade union will not stop the Railway Board to decide pay and allowances to its employee. Your contention that IRLRO stopped it in 2016, I think that you are in fool’s paradise. Before giving such statement, dear friend go through the Government of India allocation of business rules 1961 or speak with peoples who know the position of rules. Do not try to fool workers with your ignorance. You said of the quality of IRLRO, I advise you do not spoil whatever quality exists in IRLRO by advancing foolish arguments as given through your message.

6. You can open branches everywhere but your effort so far yielded no response from Running Staff. The reason is best known to you. Instead of M N Prasad, I bless you for your prosperity and advise you to shed your crookedness, work as a real trade union leader, stop blaming others and take every union in confidence and keep mutual respect. Then there is a hope for more branches with enough workers for IRLRO. 

7. You claimed four results in 5 years time in your message. 

The matter of 30+16 hrs PR, we know the position of the case, and we appreciate the effort you took on the matter. You agreed that still it is in litigation stage. You may please note that, the intense classification decided by the RLC/MDU, was in the litigation stage, Railway filed appeal in High Court of Chennai, like your PR case. The grade pay case, ALP, LP, the RAC 1980 formula issue, HOER all are referred by Government to National Industrial Tribunal and the process still going on for the past 4 years. These are the reality. The Ministry of Railway scuttle all our effort for a settlement of these issue. There is no question of claim as achievement of AILRSA. What is required is sustained fight till the issue is settled. Even after 7th CPC, our issue of Grade pay of ALP, LP, Running allowance issue still un resolved. A united fight is necessary. This is not the time to claim achievements and blame each other. That is what the workers expect from trade unions.

Your efforts continue, we too support that. The other issue that you said, Rajya Sabha finally recommended that duty hours be decided by a joint committee composing of Chief Labour Commissioner, Health Ministry, Railway Ministry and trade unions may be true.

You claims credit for the reinstatement of running staff in SPAD case in Indian Railway. People will laugh at you if you continue to say like this. There was fight and agitation on the issue from way back to the era of Fireman council and still continuing by the workers all over the nation. Whatever credit will go to the workers who fought and agitated on the issue. There are 100’s of unsung heroes among running staff. You ask our M R Sabhapathy, how in their era, people fought, agitated, victimized. That was not the achievement of any individual trade union leader nor of any unions but goes to that thousands of unsung heroes among the running staff. The old generation has suffered a lot for the betterment of running staff and whatever we now enjoy is stem from their effort, struggle suffering and victimization. They are not and will not come forward to claim credit as you do. Their life was dedicated to the cause of the workers. Please honor them and desist from your taking recourse to degrade trade unions. You are the Hon’ working President of IRLRO, do not work for the peril of IRLRO.

Thanking you

                                                                                                Yours faithfully

Ernakulam                                                                                     L MONY

10.08.16                                                                            Central President, AILRSA



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