Friday, August 19, 2016

GATE MEETING in front of all CREW BOOKING On 23.08.2016

Dear Loco Running men,

AILRSA organizing gate meeting in front of all crew booking depots in Indian railways on 23rd August 2016 to protest against the fitment/fixation formula for running staff in RBE 93/2016 dated 02.08.2016 which is less than 14.29 declared by Govt of India Gazette dated 25.07.2016 under para 12.

The new pay fixation on every pay commission is generally recommends by pay commission. It will be notified in Gazette by Govt of India (Ministry of Finance) and sometimes Govt may modify the recommendations. Railway Gazette will follows in next two or three days. Subsequently Railways issue instructions for pay fixation for general staff and running staff.

The same procedures are followed this time too and nothing is different as claimed by some union for which they pat on their back and started blaming others too.

The new fixation of pay depends up on the basic pay and DA drawn by employees on particular date and a fitment benefit recommended by the pay commission. It is merely a calculation to arrive new pay for ready reckoner table will be prepared by ministerial staff normally. In earlier CPC’s such ready reckoner table using a fitment factor was prepared by Divisional/Zonal/ Railway Board level. As there is variations in DA drawn by running staff and non running staff two different reckoners as are required.

During 6th CPC such fixation table was issued to non running staff wide RBE 108/2008 on 11.09.2008 and the next day fixation table for running staff was issued wide RBE 109/2008 on 12.09.2008.

Why this mere clerical exercise is referred to an empowered committee on running allowance which was formed on 05.05.2016.

On earlier CPC’s , the fitment benefit were extended in terms of percentage of pay. ( 4th CPC-20 %, 5th CPC- 20 %, then modified by Govt as 40 %, 6th CPC assured minimum 40% through Grade Pay for particular scale). But this time 7th CPC recommended the fitment benefit in terms of 14.29 % of emoluments (Basic & DA)

The Govt resolution is also to ensure 14.29 % rise for all. But the illustration issued by RBE 93/2016 contradicts and thus running staff are getting 12.19 % raise only.

For running staff:

Basic pay -100, 125 % DA =162.5, Basic+ DA = 262.5

14.29 % of 262.5 =37.5, 262.5+37.5= 300.00

Thus 3 is to be the multiplying factor for running staff to ensure 14.29 % raise (2.945)

While AILRSA calls for demonstration against this deceive by railways, we should remind our workers; we should not distract by fitment formula or empowered committee on running allowance alone.

The present percentage of pay element, current running allowance rates are important as well as we should fight against very low LEVEL 2 allotment of ALP and denial of distinct higher LEVELS for LPG, LPP and LPM.

AILRSA believe in Trade Union programs and labour strength. Mere representation based on rules or laws are not sufficient without labour force to achieve our demand.

“Ignorance is not a crime, but do not orchestrate it “

Let us educate our running men and organize united struggle, let us forget the ignorant lot. Only sleeping persons can be woke up, not those who pretends sleep.



Anonymous said...

---___workers UNITY ZINDABAD........

Welcome To AILRSA....


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