Sunday, June 26, 2016

INDEFINITE STRIKE of 33 lakhs Central Government, Defence and Railway Employees from 11 July 2016.

AILRSA support & Join the STRIKE


Settle the issues raised by the NJCA on the recommendations of the 7th CPC sent to Cabinet secretary vide letter dated 10th December 2015:

The meagre increase of 14% recommended by the 7th CPC is the lowest ever any pay Commission has made. It was the similar recommendation, made by the 2nd CPC that triggered a confrontation of an unprecedented nature, leading to a strike action which lasted for five days in the year 1960. In the background of the fact that the 5th and 6th CPC recommendations had resulted in the wage rise of 31% and 54% respectively, the anger, anguish and frustration of the employees are the natural outcome. Unless the minimum wage is re-determined with all consequential benefits, the discontent will not be capable of being addressed effectively.

The Staff side had computed the minimum wage as on 01.01.2014 at Rs. 26,000, taking the commodity price at Rs. 11344. (7th CPC recommended Rs.18000) The rates were taken on the basis of the actual retail prices in the market as on 01.01.2014(average prices of 8 Cities in the country) substantiated by the documentary evidence of Cash bill obtained from the concerned vendors. As on 01.01.2016, the minimum wage work out to Rs. 29339, rounded off to Rs. 30,000. 

Revise the rate of increment to 5 % and Grant two increments in the feeder cadre levels as promotion benefit.

AILRSA requests entire Railway Men to rally behind the Historical Strike.


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