Friday, April 29, 2016


The Divisional Railway Manager, 

Sambalpur Division,  East Coast Railway.

Through : ADME /Titilagarh

Respected Sir, 

Sub: Immediate Action Needed To Save Health Of Loco Staff From Severe Heat Wave Condition And Require a Disaster Management Action Plan.

We are submitting this letter to focus on couple of grievances which need immediate necessary action to save the Staff’s Health from presently facing the “Severe Heat Wave Condition”.

· “Severe Heat Wave Condition” is a condition of atmospheric temperature that leads to physiological stress, which sometimes can claim human life. World Meteorological Organization defines a “Heat Wave” as five or more consecutive days during which the daily maximum temperature exceeds the average maximum temperature by five degree Celsius. If the maximum temperature of any place continues to be more than 45 degree Celsius consecutively for two days, it is called a “Heat Wave”.

i. Temperature at Titilagarh is recorded around 50 degrees Celsius, due to which staff is unable to take proper rest at Titilagarh. Hence, we request to reduce the working time to 8 hours during this summer.

ii. With this heavy heat in the atmosphere, staff is unable to take proper rest or sleep in running rooms after duty hours. Coolers should have been arranged; instead the existing coolers are also not working at RGDA and RSD running rooms. Please arrange well conditioned coolers immediately.

iii. It is very sad to inform you that in our division, at this summer PMC ban is in ON Mode. Those who are really sick in this summer, they are being forcefully attend to work which is very miserable. Hence, please lift PMC ban immediately and request to withdraw the charge sheets given to the genuine cases.

iv. Work is not being done by the staff as per the schedule of the TO served to the crew. This mis-management is directly impacting the crew’s physical ability to work long hours in this extreme hot weather. 

For an example, For an example, a Crew was booked TO from TIG by XXXXX pilot to Ambodala. From there, the Crew will be ordered to go by goods to DKLU. Then, we will be asked to shut down the power and again orders to start the power and make it ready to move. After a long wait of about 1hr, Crew will be served an order to shut down the same train again. After that, SCR orders the Crew to go to Ambodala by any available train. Immediately, within no time the SCR changes the decision and asks the Crew to take charge a banking engine from DKLU to NRLR. From NRLR banking to a goods train to AMB. This is just one example which faced at work and there were many more instances which the Crew is facing trouble in their day to day work life due to mismanagement. This way of getting the work done is so messy and it happens only when there is no proper management. It leads to a waste of time and money for Indian Railways, as this way of working is not beneficial. Moreover, adds unnecessary stress to the Crew.

Also, Odisha Disaster Management clearly declared the public not to come out in this heavy heat as the weather is very hot above 45 degree Celsius and instructed not to allow even their animals to go outside. By considering these, please make sure the mismanagement doesn't continue further and please do not make the same Crew to work on two consecutive days in this heat condition.

v. Also, please do not book a “day duty” again the next day, when the crew has already worked day duty the previous day in tempestuous summer. This will have a severe impact for Crew’s Health.

Hence, we hope you will address our concerns and take immediate action. Also, we will be very grateful if a change takes place as early as possible at present condition. 

Thanking  you,

                                                  Yours Sincerely,


Place: TITILAGARH                                       Div. Secretary/AILRSA

Copy : Sr.DME/SBP & Sr.DOM/SBP,


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