Friday, December 11, 2015

Protect against the injustices of 7th CPC

Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur and company (7th CPC) have finished their work of giving recommendations to decide the kitchen budget of 45 Lakh families of central Govt. Employees for the next 10 years. Of course the report came for the first time earlier than the proposed the date of implementation, but the demand for five year revision or 7th pay revision from 2014 is not accepted.

In Para 5.1.5 of the 7th CPC report, the commission have claimed that the commission had been “To ensure that the emoluments structure is in consonance with the nature of work, role, responsibilities and accountability Involved at various levels of hierarchy in the Govt. of India”. But when we move to the recommendation on pay packet to loco running staff, it will remind us the old proverb “barking dogs seldom bite”. Yes none of the parameters proclaimed by the CPC is seen applied while fixing the pay of loco running staff.

(A)Nature of work: who else is working in a moving power house? Bear the heat, sound, dirt, unscheduled duty, food and sleep, stay away from home?

(B) Role: who else have the role of executing the job of moving passengers and goods from one place to another?

(C) Responsibility & Accountability: who else bear the responsibilities for safety and made accountable and mercilessly being removed from services in case of SPAD? 

But the pay of Asst loco Pilot to loco pilot/mail express remain as it is – just recitation of 6th CPC pay structure for loco running staff!! How long we tolerate injustice? No doubt, track maintainers deserve a better deal as they are the most toiling among similarly placed employees. They deserve even more. CPC allowed Rs. 2750 as risk and hardship allowance to them, to raise their minimum pay to (18000 + 2750) = 20750. But starting pay of ALP remains at 19900 only! The CPC do not find any injustice in dumping four promotion posts in running cadre viz. Loco Pilot Shunting I, Loco Pilot/Passenger and Loco Pilot /Mail Express at the same level of pay. Railway conducts stringent screaming process of written and oral examinations twice for qualifying a promotion from one post to other. Railway know the increase in responsibilities with every promotions, But the CPC had a blind eye towards this injustice inflicted on us by the former Justice BN SriKrishna (6th CPC). He did not find the traditional relativities with guards too, where Loco Pilots had an “edge” on account of their higher responsibilities from time immemorial. 

The pay commission was asked to review the pay & allowances of entire central govt. employees. The CPC did not spare a single allowance except our running allowances, which were reported to them. Running allowance is the most important one as all other allowances are fewer in quantum and it contains 30% of pay of running staff. If it can be decided by the railway board i.e. the employer itself, what else could not be? If so what is the need of a pay commission. Similar in justice is spread to the dress allowance too-indoor workers like station master allowed Rs. 10,000 and outdoor staff working on Diesel and electrical locomotives that true proceeding on tour for four / five days is allowed with just half of it. AILRSA protest against the injustice and demand Govt. of India to do justice.


1. Allow distinct higher levels in pay matrix for Loco Pilot/Shunting I, Loco Pilot/Goods, Loco Pilot/Passenger and Loco Pilot/Mail and Express, considering higher responsibilities, selection and promotions involved.

2. Allow level 6 in pay matrix duly re-designating Asstt Loco Pilot as Co-Loco Pilots.

3. Merge Loco Pilot / Shunting grade – 1 and grade – II and higher level and pay matrix.

4. Review running allowance by an independent body.

5. Special running staff allowances to be extended to all at the rate of 15% of the entry pay.

6. Allow Rs. 10,000 for dress allowance.


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