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The Central Working Committee of AILRSA met at Maheswari Bhavan, Nagpur on 30th and 31st August under the Praesidium consisting of Com.L.Mony, President, Com. N.B.Datta, Working President and Com.K.A.S. Mani, Vice President. About 71 Comrades have attended the meeting amongst which 47 Com. Have spoken on agenda.

After thread-bared discussion the meeting adopted the following resolutions.

1. This meeting finds that the demands of the strike called by the central trade unions on 2nd September 2015, such as, protection of PSUs,enhancement of bonus ceiling, fixing of minimum wages at rupees 15,000/- per month and maintenance of labour laws etc. are genuine and aimed at betterment of working class including Railway men. So we call upon all the members of AILRSA to support the strike with solidarity actions including demo leaflets, gate meetings, postering etc. and propagate the demands among the public.

2. The Central Working Committee meeting of AILRSA whole heartedly welcome the decision of AIRF and NFIR to struck work indefinitely, jointly with other Central Government employees from 23rd November 2015 on the joint demands of Central Government employees. We appreciate the leadership of AIRF and NFIR for taking the correct course of workers’ agitation depending on the might of the working class, which alone will compel the Government to come out of the grip of Capitalist forces and to do justice to the working class. We call upon all democratic forces to strive hard for the success of the proposed strike.

3. We also appeal to the JCM organisations to build up absolute unity among Central Government employees by way of collective propaganda and preparation for strike incorporating all registered/non-JCM trade unions, which alone create confidence among the railway workers. We also suggest to build up cooperation and support groups among all the democratic forces who can give outside support for the causes of the Government employees. This Association assures wholehearted participation in the proposed strike and its preparations which accommodates all forces who support it.

4. The Central Working Committee vehemently protests against the arbitrary and unlawful reduction in the status of Sr Loco Pilot/Shg and Sr.Assistant Loco Pilot for fixing the eligibility criteria for Group B selection vide RBE No. 92/2015. As Sr.Loco Pilot/Shg in GP Rs.4200 and Sr.ALP with GP Rs.2400 are equated with non-running GP of Rs.4600 and Rs.4200 respectively vide RBE 53/2011 considering the weightage of their pay element. The unilateral reduction in GP from 4600 to 4200 for Sr. Loco Pilot/Shg and from 4200 to 2400 for Sr.ALP even in specific case of Gr. ‘B’ Selection in the equivalent non-running pay scales is without any reason, while strongly protesting against this discrimination of two categories in loco running cadres this meeting request to revise. 

5. This CWC Meeting expresses its protest against the apathy shown by the railway management in implementing the recommendations of various committees appointed by the Railway Board itself to improve safety in railways, despite numerous agitations demanding the same by loco running staff making the whole exercise a mockery. We reiterate the demand to implement the Minutes of the SPAD meeting, recommendations of HPC on HOER ,with modification as suggested by AILRSA, HLSRC and Khanna Committee without any further delay.

6. AILRSA demands to reject the recommendations of Bibek Debroy Committee totally although presently it is kept in abeyance. The recommendations of Bibek Debroy Committee as the thrust of the entire recommendation is to convert the railway business to a commercial one and allowing the private operators to loot the people. In fine, it is intended to privatize the profits and nationalize the losses.

7. This House vehemently opposes the FDI in railways as it will cause inordinate increase in rail tariff which is against the interest of the general public and detrimental to the Indian economy.

8. The present system of selection of Chief Loco Inspector through general selection process is to be scrapped as it paves way for selecting employees who have negligible experience in running trains. This badly affects the efficiency on loco pilot working. Some of the CLIs who have very less driving experience when compared to that of loco pilots whom the CLIs are supposed to counsel or monitor. As it is creating various problems in working, in addition to that, lack of experience prevents them to understand various critical problems faced by the loco pilots and leads to wrong reports being sent to officers resulting in harassment and penal action for no fault of the loco running staff. Such incidents lead to sabotage the industrial harmony in many areas. So we demand to restore back to the old system of selecting CLIs through seniority-cum-suitability. 

9. Gradation of employees in safety category has serious effect in assigning duty as well as in promotion. Now the proposals from the reporting supervisor are being accepted by the controlling officer. This meeting urges the railway administration to give an opportunity to the concerned employee to explain his part in case of an adverse remark before accepting the same by the controlling officer as ‘audi alteram partem’ is the rule of the Principle of Natural Justice.

10. SWR administration had started a crew booking depot at Chickjajur in between Arsikare and Harihar, duly reducing the staff strength at neighbouring depots. Now about 100 running staff are posted there. Chickjajur is a way-side station without even the minimum facilities for education and medical attention. Only four quarters are provided for loco running staff. All are staying in an old building and are commuting from either Harihar or Arsikare, where their families are settled. 

Further, the crew beat towards Bangalore is 280KM and towards Hubli 187KM. This union had collected the opinion of entire staff of Mysore Division and they unanimously suggested centralizing the crew operation at Birur Junction where educational and medical facilities are far better. The distance between Birur and Hubli is 257KM and Birur and Bangalore is 210KM. Similarly, the
Castle Rock depot of UBL Division is to be wound up and staff re-located to Vasco for want of better facilities.

11. In NGP division of C. Railway Shri M.P.Deo, Loco Pilot (M&E), is having 27 years of accident free meritorious service with 9 awards in service. But for seeking information under RTI Act in the interest of railway safety he was intentionally, revengefully and prejudicially targeted by Sr.DEE/TRO. and framed him with the help of his nominated CLI. Sr.DEE(TRO) & DEE(TRO) by fabricating charges with manipulating the documents to down-grade him from ‘A’ safety category to ‘D’ in just 26 days and penalized with vague and false charges and kept him without allotting any duty resulting in ‘no work, no pay’. Officers’ fact finding committee had been constituted to find out the case for it and the committee ruled out his degradation from safety category and proved the unlawful, uncalled for, still the administration has not restored his status and not allowed him to perform his duty. This attitude of Sr.DEE/TRO/NGP/CR had created unrest amongst the loco running staff and hence this meeting while protesting this unlawful , biased action against Sri M.P.Deo demands DRM/NGP/CR to find an end for the growing disharmony between the loco running staff and their controlling officers which is detrimental to train services as well as safety.

12. The Railway Board have revised the subsidy amount per meals for running staff at running rooms to Rs.41 vide Lr. No.2006/M(L)/467/2 dated 12-08-2015 with further instructions to zonal railways to revise the amount of subsidized meal every 6 months taking into account CPI(W) of June and December. We appreciate the revision and demand all DRMs to make necessary changes in the contracts now in operation and also to effect necessary changes in future tenders.


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