Thursday, July 3, 2014


Dear Running staff,

Ø  Whom do you believe?
Ø  Your colleague or Data logger?

Ø  One of our colleague has sacrificed his life in Un-manned LC.
Ø  Many SPADS reported by data logger, almost all are turned out to be false.
Ø  LC gate in open condition causing a shiver from head to toe-no action.
Ø  Only LP/ALP is responsible.
Ø  Are you sleeping properly? Are you not getting up in fear dreaming an incidence like this?
Ø  Instead of redressing our grievances, an important trade union office bearer has put the entire blame on Loco pilots of Bangalore, showing his partisan attitude and unbecoming of a leader.
Ø  Let us disown such trade unions and join mainstream to fight for our life, future, railway safety in general and our safety in particular.
Ø  Is DAR going to help you?
Ø  Proved or not Proved, You are removed.
Ø  Today it has happened for your colleague.
Ø  Tomorrow it is your turn.
Ø  Act now; secure your life, future and safety of Railways.
Ø  Work carefully more cautiously and do not entirely believe on signals.
Ø  A new method of reduction of staff strength.(by CR)

SPAD is an occupational hazard concerned to a Loco Pilot. All over India every day such cases are happening. But the management and trade unions ensure minimum penalty or take back the removed employee to service within a reasonable time in such cases, unlike Bangalore Division.

Running staff of Bangalore division joined hands during difficult time and demonstrated our strength in front of railway administration by conducting Family Dharna etc. So let us forget the difference, caste, and creed and join hands for a better future to bring back prosperity in our life.

                                      Joint Action Committee



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