Though the Railway budget to be tabled before Parliament on July 8 is likely to have proposals on high speed bullet trains, Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda also has plans for improving the state of existing trains.

The railway budget is expected to generate a different buzz because of the Modi government’s promise to revitalise this critical infrastructure sector as mentioned in the President's address to the joint session of Parliament.
If Mr. Gowda's observations are an indicator, the old and the existing coaches will also receive adequate attention. In this respect, the rail budget is set to announce a new design for passenger coaches.
Additionally, passenger trains will soon have a more contemporary interior as there are plans to drastically improve furnishings and house keeping. The Railways in the past have fielded smart trains, such as the Black Diamond Express between Howrah and Dhanbad, whose coaches, at least in the higher classes, have smarter, more compact tables and seats.
The Railways now aims to continuously focus on refurbished coaches, mechanised cleaning of coaches, clean train station scheme and comprehensive pest control.