Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The All India Running Staff Association (AILRSA) express its sincere condolence to the kith and kin of those people who were accidentally killed while walking on the main line track in which Sahara Patna Rajyarani Express train run through the Dhamara Ghat railway station Khagaria of Bihar on 19.08.2013.

AILRSA is deeply saddened to know that the helpless Loco Pilot and Asst.Pilot of the train were mercilessly thrashed by the irate mob who vents their anger. Both of them are in a critical condition, battling for life at hospital.

Contrary to the presumption of people a train can't be stopped like a road vehicle e.g.bus, lorry, car even when emergency brakes are applied. A train travelling at the permitted maximum speed say about 100 kmph, may stop after travelling about 850 meters after emergency brakes are applied.

Public to be educated not to wait or walk in railway track where trains will run in high speed. Where ever curve, cuttings etc available Loco Pilots will not be even to see 100-200 M ahead of the train running track.
Even in the unmanned Level Crossing many accidents are happening due to the carelessness of the road users. Train running in 100 KMPH will pass 1 Km in 36 seconds.
Media should bring awareness among the public and the innocent Loco Pilots should not be scapegoat.


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