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Dear Loco Running men,
Even without a demand from any section of the workers/trade unions, Railway Board has formed an empowered committee to device a new formula for the rate of running allowance.  This is an usual practice of the Railways which often tries to manipulate the parameters of the formula of rate of running allowance or the formula itself.
During 1992 Railway arbitrarily enhanced the denominator factor of the formula National Average Kilometerage 3950 to 5100 and betrayed us.  In 1996/98 due to our high tempered struggles we received just rate of running allowance. But in 2002 Railway again tried to deceive the running staff by introducing a new concept of “depression theory”. But due to unity of locomen, the wish of the Railway administration was stalled.  Then again in 2008 while doubling the mileage rate Railway denied the proportionate raise in the rate of running allowance on par with rate of TA. And instead of mean pay railway took minimum pay of LP(passenger), but railway has followed the formula.  Now when there is no demand from the workers Railway administration has formed a committee and their ill motive is known to all. 
When AILRSA Leaders met Member (Staff) on 08.04.2013  AILRSA registered their opposition to the formation of the empowered committee. And it is happy to know that unlike past, both federations have opposed it.
But some propaganda has been advanced to disunite the worker and it is necessary to analyse it critically.
Some propagate that RAC 1980 has given two formulae, formula No.1 is to decide percentage of pay element and the No. 2 is to decide the rate of running allowance.  This statement is against the fact or misunderstanding the concept.  RAC 1980 was the first committee to decide the quantum of pay element.  They tried various methods and arrived various percentages. Para 715 of report of RAC 1980states that “ considering all the aspects of the matter including the percentages arrived at by the various methods outlined above, the committee is of the view that it would be on the whole fair and equitable to take the pay element in running allowance as 30% of the basic pay of running staff”. Thus RAC 1980 concluded at 30% as guess work only.  But it was decided once for all.  They have not recommended any formula to periodically review quantum of pay element (Ref. Para 709 to 715 of RAC 1980 report). But with regard to the rate of Running Allowance RAC 1980 adopted a definite methodology which was not disputed by anybody including Railway administration and followed by Railways  upto 25th Nov 2008. This can be proved from the para 13 and 14 of the report of the Joint Committee on Running Allowance on 2008.  In which they have arrived the amount as per formula and which is near to double.  Our complaint on the decision of 2008 committee is that though formula has been followed  but the rate of TA assumed was Rs.210 and in the next three days it was revised as Rs.340. We came to know that both the federations pressed for retention of pay element for which we are happy. But the federations should not fall prey to Railway’s anti labour policy and should not accept to abandon the formula.
Various pay commissions also dealt with running allowance, but left the matter to Railways. It is clear from the  para 30, chapter IV of II CPC, para 181 to 187, chapter VI of III CPC, para 10.455 to 10.456 of IV CPC that all CPCs were fully aware of the arrangement of Pay Element in running allowance in Railways and never recommended to review the % of pay element.
Further it is necessary to understand that National Industrial Tribunal (NIT) is not merely a court to file a case by AILRSA. But Ministry of Labour has realised that the dispute between AILRSA and Railways will have consequences nationwide and the demands of AILRSA have merits to adjudicate and hence formed NIT and referred the matter to NIT. AILRSA has not raised any dispute on the formula before NIT. AILRSA has disputed the rate of TA taken and minimum pay taken for the calculation of rate of running allowance.
So as usual Railway has formed Empowered Committee to deceive the Runningmen. The need of the hour is to unite the Running staff against the Railway’s ill intention and 30% and 55% pay element are to be protected.
Hence AILRSA gives clarion call to all the loco runningmen to participate in the various agitations going to be conducted against the empowered committee.





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