Monday, July 1, 2013

Hooter system to alert drivers

30th June 2013 10:00 AM
To prevent train collisions, the South Central Railway, on a trial basis, has installed the hooter system at Moulali station here. It is the first time that such a system is introduced in the country.

It is aimed at preventing train accidents due to negligence of loco drivers. m has been put on trial at Moulali Railway station in Secunderabad. It is basically a sound-warning system. It releases a big sound when a train passes a signal, or caution or danger signal to warn the driver of an impending danger.
Speaking to Express, SCR general manager DP Pande said that whenever the loco driver jumps the red signals and running the train at a high speed, immediately the hooter will alert the driver about the impending danger of train colliding with another train coming in opposite direction if it crosses a red signal or is overspeeding.      
It automatically applies the brakes if a train is travelling too fast on the approach to certain speed restrictions and buffer stops. Any train that tries to pass the danger signal, the hooter gets activated and alerts the driver to stop the train.  It is a foolproof system to prevent train accidents and thus ensure safety of passengers. It will be installed at more stations if  proved successful, he said.
HAVELOCK BRIDGE: On the dismantling of the 100-year-old railway bridge on the Godavari at Rajahmundry, Pande said they would take a final decision after discussing with the state government.
The railways has decided to dismantle the Havelock bridge and sell it as scrap. But locals wanted the 100-year-old bridge remain as a heritage monument. If the state government paid Rs 67 crore to the railways, the bridge and the land would be handed over to the state government.
MMTS PHASE-II: Pande said SCR hoped to complete the Phase-II of Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) in three years.


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