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Decisions / resolutions are taken in CWC meeting of AILRSA and later in joint meeting of

            The central working committee meeting of the All India Loco Running Staff Association was held at Kalyan, Mumbai division of Central Railway on 5th and 6th of January 2013 presided by Com. N. Sarkar and the following resolutions were passed unanimously.

Resolution on the SPAD directives
            The meeting on SPAD held in Railway Board on 12/06/2012 gave 58 directives for implementation in all zonal Railways. Though some of the directives are implemented or ensued for implementation, but many of the core directives are not implemented or any action seems to be taken for implementation, which are as follows.
A2 - There is a need to improve the condition of driving cabs by making them sound proof and ergonomic and to relocate the horn so that the sound level is within limits. Cab should also be made air conditioned.
A7-   Loco pilots’ seat quality as well as the quality should be improved with back rest provision as well as the quality of Brake-van also be improved.
B4 -  Calendar day rest should be provided to running staff instead of 22 / 30 hrs rest so that they may fulfill their family obligations.
C5 -  Long hours of crew should be minimized by providing relief. Railway should make arrangements for hiring road vehicles to ensure the above.
C6 -  Links should be made in such a way so that there are not more than 2/3 continuous night duties. Also efforts should be made that the running staff is not made to perform more than 6 hours duty during 22:00 to 06:00 hours.
C13 -   loco Pilot should only work on one traction i.e., diesel or electrical.
C16- The rest at headquarters and at out stations should be liberalized. A Crew or Guard on 6 hrs outstation rest should be served call book after completing rest i.e., 6 hrs + 2 hrs = 8 hrs.
D8 - Once a month, each Loco Pilot should be made available during the day time in headquarters so that proper counseling and monitoring can be undertaken.
E3 -  The maximum duty hours of Mail / Express Loco Pilots should be reduced to 6 hrs as they encounter one signal every minute on an average during their run.
E10 -   Running staff which reports after leave / sickness should be booked after 6 hours instead of 00.00 hours. Changes should also be made in CMS.
E16 -   The Loco Pilots should be provided protection from being arrested in case of accidents or run over of animals as this causes anxiety and increases the stress level of the Loco Pilots. The above minimum requirements should be implemented to ensure safety in train operations to prevent SPAD as early as possible.
This central working committee meeting demands speedy action on the implementation of above

Demand for notification of equivalent non running pay scales to running staff pay scales
            After every pay commission, Railway board used to notify equivalent stationary pay scales to that of each category of running staff. After 6th CPC Railway Board issued two orders in this regard  - one for eligibility criteria of departmental competitive examinations and another for eligibility of privilege passes. But a general order is not issued so far which creates problems in determining the eligibility of quarters, absorption in alternative posts on medical decategorisation, etc. The Central Working Committee meeting of All India Loco Running Staff Association and AIGC vehemently protest against the inordinate delay in this regard and demand to issue the required general order of equivalent stationary scales of Pay to each category of running staff as been ordered after every pay revision.
Protest against MACP clarification order
            This Association vehemently protests against the clarificatory order on MACP issued by the Railway Board vide RBE no. 142 / 2012 dated 13/12/2011. The justification for denial of next grade pay on financial upgradation [MACP] is that “ACP / MACP schemes have been introduced by the Government in order to mitigate the problems of genuine stagnation faced by employees due to lack of promotional avenues “. This is far away from the truth as the pay band and Grade pay system introduced by the 6th CPC will not cause stagnation to any employee. The MACP orders are issued after the 6th Central Pay revision and stagnation of pay was not at all a point of consideration. In fact the clarificatory order is mainly targeting the running staff and is in gross violation of the rule of the country. Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam bench had very clearly ruled quoting numerous Supreme court decisions that denial of financial upgradation after completing 10  years in same grade pay is unlawful. So this meeting demand to cancel the clarificatory order and allow MACP to running staff.
Resolution for allowing Tatkal reservation for privilege pass / PTO
            The central working committee meeting demands to allow Tatkal reservation for privilege passes and PTOs. Now a days 30% of berths / seats are allotted for Tatkal booking. So getting reservation becomes more difficult. Large scale employment at far off places from native becoming the rule of the day in Railways and the fate of Railway employees is worsened. The fate of loco running staff is worst as they are getting their leave sanctioned only on the previous day. So we demand to allow Tatkal reservation for privilege passes / PTOs subject to the collection of admissible Tatkal charges.
Demanding to consider the one way transfers
            A large number of Running Staff (Assistant Loco Pilot and Guard (Goods)  have requested for an inter-divisional transfer longing for working at their native place and they are pending before the Railway administration. This meeting demands to consider them against the direct recruitment quota of Assistant Loco Pilots and Guard in respective divisions. Such a welfare measure will reduce the demand of leave among the running staff and also will improve safety in train working.

Resolution on Safety Related Voluntary retirement Scheme
            A safety related voluntary retirement scheme was introduced in the year 2002 for Loco Pilots between the age of 55 to 57 years of age with 35 years service, who according to the Railways lose their reflexes due to longer hours of work and unnatural working conditions and offered their wards an appointment as Assistant Loco Pilots only. This order could not serve its very purpose as seen from the records available through RTI that only 70 Loco Pilots were given safety related voluntary retirement throughout the Indian Railways till 2010. So we demand to modify the scheme in line with LARSGESS of other staff in safety cadre by which loco running staff in all category should also be allowed to opt for safety related voluntary retirement scheme on completion of 20 years service in 50 – 55 Yrs age group and their wards may be offered suitable post according to their educational qualification.
On minimum penalty of removal from service for Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots involved in SPAD cases
            The objective of DAR is to enforce discipline among the employees. All penal codes give differentiation between willful and unwillful offenses. But the directives regarding the penalty to Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots involved in SPAD cases are contrary to this general principle. It stipulates minimum penalty of removal from service irrespective of the fact whether the offense was willful or caused due to other contributory factors. The illfate of the Assistant Loco Pilots are worst as they are awarded with the penalty of removal from service irrespective of the fact that whether he has done his best to prevent the SPAD. So this meeting demand to withdraw the Railway Board orders of 1968 for imposition of minimum penalty of removal for Loco Pilots and 2012 circular for imposition of same punishment for Assistant Loco Pilots. This will be in accordance with the recommendation of Khanna committee too.
The central working committee held at KALYAN on 5th and 6th JANUARY 2013 was attended by comrades from all Railways. After detailed discussion the following organizational decisions and programme of action is decided.
 Organizational decisions.
1.       All zones should send their membership statement and the duplicate foil of membership slip to the central treasurer in his GHAZIABAD address  before 10th February 2013 duly informing him(09412518470).Central quota to be remitted to AILRSA account no. 00980100009189 of BANK OF BARODA, PAHARGANJ branch, NEW DELHI.
2.      All dues towards NIT fund, KUR victimization fund to be cleared by 10th February 2013.
3.      The Zonal committee should discuss about our role in the election of recognition for Trade Unions in Railways taking in view of all alternative. We shall then finalized in a Meeting of all Zonal secretaries which may be called in last week of Feb or 1st week of March 2013. Date will be communicated at an earliest.  
4.      Send a letter to GM/KOLKATTA METRO protesting against the move to increase of duty hours of Motor Men

Programme of action

1.         In support of two days’ General Strike by  Central Govt Employees and Central Trade Unions including INTUC  on 20st and 21nd February 2013.

b.      Paste wall posters, release pamphlets and conduct gate meetings to propagate the demands of the strike.

2.      On implementation of SPAD directives

a.      Zonal meeting to be called on short notice to identify and enlist the infringements of SPAD directives in existing Crew and Guard’s links and enlist the same in the following format.

Link numbers depot wise
Trains exceeding 6hrs duty
No. of cases with more than 3 continuous nights
Trains with less than 8hrs rest at outstation
Links without calendar day rest

b.      Demands day on 12th February 2013 with badge wearing and demonstration at divisional level a memorandum to be submitted to DRM copy to sent to GENERAL MANAGER in the format of resolution on SPAD directives duly attaching the above the table. 
c.       Individual inland letter campaign to respective GMs from 20th to 27th February 2013 
d.    Demonstration before GM office on 14th March 2013.
e.      National Convention followed by Parliament march although we have discussed to organized in the first week of APRIL followed by CWC meeting, but parliament session will only be in last week of April and so the date will be announced by SECRETARY GENERAL later, being confirmed the date be a joint convention with AIGC and AILRSA on a day before in Delhi itself.   
                                                                                                                     (M. N. Prasad)
                                                                                                             Secretary General                                                                                                                            AILRSA

Note: -

      Later Joint Action Committee of AILRSA met on 6th Jan 2013 at 15hrs approved the above programmes. The Local important and urgent demands may be included in the Memo to DRMs with the consent of both the Organizations. Other Organizational decisions taken in Joint Meeting will be circulated by Joint convener Com. M. P. Deb and S. K. Sukla.




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