The three-day 88th annual conference of All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF), which concluded here on Thursday, gave a call to all Railway employees to be prepared for direct action in case the government continues to implement its anti-labour policies under the guise of globalisation.

The meeting also adopted three resolutions calling for inclusion of “right to employment” as a fundamental right, seeking a solution to about 38 burning grievances of railwaymen and the need for a decisive mandate in favour of AIRF in the ensuing secret ballot so as to carry forward the struggle against all forms of injustice.
Around 150 delegates participated in the discussions and spoke on various burning issues which remained unresolved in respect of Running staff, Operating staff, Artisan staff, and non-implementation of the Trackman Committee Report. The delegates also stressed on the need for ‘one union in one industry’ through the process of secret ballot.