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AILRSA Bangalore division organized a Gate Meeting in front of Crew Booking office, Platform number 1, Bangalore City Railway Stationa on 18.10.12 by 10.30 hrs. Around 60 Loco Pilots, Shunting Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots assembled to protest against the illogical charge sheets. Meeting was addressed by the following.

D Rajkumar Divisional Secretary, AILRSA, Sri. C. Sunish, General Secretary AILRSA, Sri G Rajan, Leagal Advisor, NREU, Sri. R Surendran, Sri. PAS Rao, Sri. T Prahalada, Sri. Kishanlal, Sri. H Vijaykumar, Sri. MP Girish, and Sri. K Abhed.
Later a delegation approached Divisional Railway Manger Sri Anil kumar Agrawal for submitting a memorandum, but unfortunately he refused to give appointment. AILRSA strongly protest such negative attitude of the DRM even though Railway Board and other officers stressing interaction between such an important category workers.

The memorandum prepared is given below.

Respected sir,

This association is of late perturbed at the instance of issuing of charge sheets to the Running Staff of Bangalore Division by the Respected Disciplinary Authority which has caused lot of resentment in the minds of the Running Staff.
             Hence this Association requests your good self to intervene and render a healthy atmosphere of Industrial Relation for smooth, trouble free functioning in this division.
            Following are the burning problems facing this division which has worked against the morale of the running staff.

Issuance of charge sheet (S.F.11) for speaking on C.U.G Phone in Off- Duty:-

             Aristotle rightly said that ‘Man is a social animal’. As running staff we are away from our family for two to three days. During this absence from Head Quarters there are many interaction/ instructions that have to be given and listened to from our near and dear ones. This requires us to communicate with our family members and others using C.U.G Phone.

            As a responsible Running Staff almost all of us have shown prudence maturity and sense to make it a point to speak to our near and dear ones only after ‘Signing Off’
so as to fulfill our social commitment as a father, son, husband, friend or a well wisher etc. as the case maybe thereby following in the true spirit the instruction laid down by the administration pertaining to the usage of cell phone to which our family members had adjusted to .

             Further the charges framed for the use of C.U.G SIM during rest hours at out-station as breach of rest is amusing and rather it is intrusion into one’s private life and is not supported by violation of any rule. Rather the charges framed are in violation of the rights enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Hence we demand that all the charge sheets issued for the above said charges be dropped immediately.
            If the definition of rest as perceived by the Respected Sr.DME is only physically sleeping on the bed rather than having a relaxed sleep which is a product of both physical and mental condition.

            As referred to in Medical Manual, sleep is directly proportional to physical strain and inversely proportional to mental stress. That is when one is physically tired he may have good sleep but if one is mentally stressed he gets no or very less sleep. Running staff to get rid of their mental stress have to vent out their emotions to their near and dear ones.

            By restricting running staff to talk through C.U.G Phone even in off duty at out-stations shall cause unnecessary mental stress in the minds of running staff and also in their family which may ultimately prove to be the very cause of an accident.

             As of now the instructions laid down for usage of C.U.G/Mobiles is ‘to ‘Switch Off’ on commencing the journey (for L.P) and as per the charges in the charge sheets issued       of late by our Respected Sr.DME Running Staff are not to use even during rest hours at out – station.

             As such we in this association are at loss to understand the use of such C.U.G SIM which does not serve any purpose of communication and have decided to summarily return back the C.U.G SIM Cards.

            Taking into effect the above reasons this association demands that all the charge sheets issued for speaking on C.U.G while in Off – Duty to be dropped.

Charges framed for action of Vigilance Control Device:-

            Vigilance Control Device is a equipment provided to attract the attention of the Engine Crew. This association would like to enlighten your good self sir that almost all the charge sheets issued for the action of VCD is for ALCO Locos and not for WAP/WDP/WDG4 Locos.

             This clearly points out to the lacuna in the VCD Equipment installed in ALCO Loco. To point out a few, the location of the VCD is such that it is not uniformly located in all locos. ALP cannot see the VCD Visual Indication Lamp from his seat as it is behind him and the light does not reflect due to sunlight. VCD Visual Indication Lamp and its Reset Push Button is not placed near to each other and in many case the VCD equipment turns out to create panic in the minds of the engine crew especially when they are approaching signals, berthing place or passing over CD Spot mainly due to inergonomically design.

             It will be a million dollar question to answer regarding the colour of the VCD visually indication lamp is it Amber or Yellow or White or Green or Red and another million dollar question about the sound of the buzzer. 
            This association demands that the VCD Equipment in all ALCO locos be ergonomically designed and standardized on par with WAP/WDP/WDG4 Locos.
Operation of the following equipments vital to Loco Operation should be connected to the VCD equipment:-

1.      Application of A9
2.      Application of SA9
3.      Horns
4.      Sanders
5.      Throttle/ M P / Angular Transmitter
6.      Picking Up / Dropping of Generator Field Switch
7.      Reverser
8.      VCD Reset Push Button.
9.      Operation of Head Light –Dim/Bright
10.  Operation of Signal Exchange Lamp.
There are many cases where VCD itself has malfunctioned and caused punctuality loss to trains.

            Hence from the above this association demands that all the charge sheets for VCD action be dropped forthwith and cab to be made sound proof for making the VCD Buzzer audible.

To stop Family Counseling by Railway Authorities:-

            This association is bemused at the methodology, yardstick and the authenticity of the order/rule adopted by the Railway Administration by virtue of which the Family Counseling is being carried out by the representatives of Railway Administration to the Running Staff and to his Family.

            As a matter of fact only the Railway Employees are bound by conduct rules and other order issued from time to time by the Railway Administration and not his/her family members. Railways do not exercise any control over the employee’s family.

            Further such unscientific counseling done by untrained/unqualified counselors may turn out to be detrimental and create unnecessary rift within the family of Running Staff which may turnout to be the very cause of mental strain in the minds of Running Staff resulting in decreased efficiency or lead to accidents.

             Such acts and programs organized by the Railway Administration amounts to encroachment of the personal liberty of the individual /family which is in violation of Article 21(Protection of Life and Personal Liberty) of the Constitution of India and may be beneficial only for statistical records which does not serve any purpose.

             Hence this association protests against Family Counseling and demands that the Family Counseling be stopped.
            However this association suggests that the administration come out with a Seminar on  ‘Running Man and his Family’ where the family of the Running Staff will participate and register their Suggestions and Grievances which will lead to a healthy interaction with Family and Administration and a platform to find realistic and forward looking ideas.

            Such a program shall be a win-win situation to both the employer and employee.

Pattern of working – demand for crew beat :-

            As your good self is aware about the working of goods train is tedious and uncertain. This association demands that a pattern of working be drawn especially in Dharmavaram section where the running of Goods Train has become very congestive and many a time the crew complete their stipulated duty hours well before reaching interchange point/destination/Head quarters.

             Many a time the crew has been left stranded for more than four to five hours for want of path at NGM/BSPL or at /GBD, DBU, YNK or CSDR.

             On many occasions the crew after working for only four to six hours either in Up/Down Direction in SGT-DMM-SGT Section, have been unloaded at HUP.
            Whereas at times the crew have been advised to return as Pilot from TDV, GBD or DBU by first available train either Goods or Pass/Express train to HUP even after working Down Goods Train and having passed HUP.

            On returning to HUP after working Down Train beyond HUP. Many a time the crew has been asked to work Up Train / Pilot by any train of the choice of the control office upto     DMM.

            Hence this association demands that a pattern of working be devolved and the crew be utilized only in the direction of movement and not against the direction of movement. Also a crew beat be displayed in all the crew depots so as to regularize and plan train movement in all sections of Bangalore Division.

Breach of rest – under rest working in link- safety at stake:-

            Rest is a vital part of train working as is alertness while on duty. Any breach of rest results in decreased attention and alertness while On-Duty. Hence rest plays a paramount role in determining the effective work out put by the Running Staff.

             This association protests against the dual standard set by Respected Sr.DME wherein on one hand he issues charge sheet for speaking on Mobile during my rest hours at Out – Station which amounts to Breach of Rest as per the imputation of charge levied on the other hand after having changed the departure timing of Train No.11014 exp the paring Train No. 12628 exp falls under rest many a time since Train No. 11014 exp usually runs late.
            There has been many instances where crew who arrive Train No. 11014 exp by 00.00hrs instead of 22.45hrs (due to late running of train ) have been utilized to work Train no. 12628 with an On- Duty of 06.30hrs on the same date where the crew fall under rest and have to work a Super Fast Train in under rest for the next 330kms to reach Head Quarters.

            This matter has been highlighted before by this Association and also by both the recognized Trade Union and nothing has transpired yet in the interest of safety.

            The locations of Running Rooms have to be placed as such that the crew can avail good rest. However the location of Running Room for instance at Erode is near the track and near Starter. When ever a train starts the sound of the Engine Whistle throngs our ears and disturbs our sleep.

Miscellaneous Grievances:-

             There are many instances where the Running Staff have been harassed for wearing uniform purchased by the employee himself when his uniform turn snowy, on the ground that there is colour difference with the once supplied by the Railways. The inspecting officials should appreciate the attitude of the employee to stay neat and tidy (as per GR 2.10(a), rather than finding fault with the colour of the uniform.

             There are instances when the inspecting officials have passed a remark in the performance book of the Running Staff that he is not using supplied Tri-Colour Torch, but as a matter of fact the supplied Tri-Colour Torch have become defective very soon and in view of safety and to follow the rule in its true spirit a running staff has purchased a Tri-Colour torch on their own and which is in almost conformity with the colour of the light as supplied by the Railway Authorities. Such cases of harassment work against the morale of the Running Staff.

            Hence this union hopes and request in your good self to intervene and create a healthy atmosphere of Industrial Relation and rise the Morale of the Running Staff by dropping all illogical Charge sheets and to keep at your disposal a garrison of Running Staff who are willing to deliver effectively, efficiently and to respond to any contingency at the shortest notice with cheer.

Thanking you sir
Yours Sincerely

(Divisional Secretary)


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