Thursday, October 4, 2012

The General Manager,
South Western Railway,
Kesavpur, Hubli.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Harassment of running staff - LPs issued SF11 for VCD acting.

The engine crew i.e. LP/ALP should not be blamed or taken up in DAR when VCD action is due to the following reasons

1) In many locos especially WDM 3D, WDM 3A, WDG 3A, the VCD alerter lamp is not bright enough to attract the attention of the LP/ALP.   This might be due to the lamp itself dim (especially day time) or cab light bright (due to CFL light during night).

2) The alerter buzzer sound also in some locos is very feeble and can't be heard in the background of the loud engine sound during traction or DB blower sound during Dynamic braking.

3) The VCD alerter reset button is not easily accessible to the LP/ALP. In many locos the VCD alerter lamp is not at all visible to the ALP.  In many locos the Reset button is situated far away from LP/ALP on the control stand/desk.

4) The VCD alerter lamp/reset button location varies even in the same classification of locos (WDM 3D, WDM3A or WDG 3A). For a particular class of locos the location should be uniform, to avoid confusion and possible delay in operation.

5) The VCD alerter lamp and the Reset button are far away from each other in most of the locos.  Both the VCD alerter lamp and Reset button should be near each other/ in the same unit, for operator's convenience.

6) Various operations performed by LP/ALP are interlocked with VCD i.e. Notch variation, A9 Brake application, Horns, Sanders.  But during A9 Brake application (other than WDP4/WDG4 locos), in all other locos the VCD senses BP reduction of 1kg/cm2 or more.  In other words the VCD will continue to act even when LP applies A9 and reduces BP pressure by about 0.5Kg/cm2. Suitable modification may be done so that VCD will not act even during BP reduction of 0.5Kg/cm2.

7) When throttle handle/ master controller is moved from traction to braking also VCD will continue to act. Even when the throttle handle /master controller is varied/moved from min. towards max. in braking side the VCD will continue to act. Suitable modification to be done so that every movement of the throttle handle/ master controller will never allow the VCD to act.

8) At present in most of the locos the VCD alerter Reset button is concealed type which is difficult to operate with finger.  The VCD alerter Reset button should be of soft push button projected knob type (like the ones provided in the original design of WDP4/WDG4 locos).
9) It is clear that almost all cases are happened during day time. Hence by considering the above mentioned points, it is requested to withdraw the entire charge memorandum issued in this regard.
10) Instead of making the equipment Full proof and crew friendly administration creating a fear psychosis by issuing unnecessary charge memorandum. This may leads to divert the attention of LP from driving to prevent VCD action which is highly unsafe. There are incidences while approaching the signal due to malfunctioning of VCD unit the crew has to divert attention for avoiding VCD action than concentrating on signal.
11) The VCD is only an additional safety device, and it is not incorporated in GRS or Conduct rules. Hence issuing charge memorandum in this regard is unwarranted and illogical. VCD is not directly connected to railway safety, but increase the burden and tension on LP. In the advance technological era railway has to find out suitable other safety devices to avoid accidents.
12) If the suggestions by Railway Board in the SPAD meeting minutes is implemented, the alertness of the crew will improve and the performance also more efficient.
Hence we request you to do needful.
Thanking you                                                 Yours faithfully

Bangalore.                                                      (C. Sunish)
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ramesh rao b.m. said...

Suitable modification may be done so that VCD will not act even during BP reduction of 0.5Kg/cm2.
The above sentence should be corrected as VCD should act even during BP reduction of 0.5Kg/cm2.

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