Wednesday, August 8, 2012

      The General Manager,
      South Western Railway,

 Respected Sir,
AILRSA welcomes the suggestions by Railway Board after the meeting regarding SPAD held at New Delhi on 12.06.2012, addressed to General Managers of Indian Railways to implement.

We demand GM to implement all the suggestions by SPAD Meeting in a phased manner, as first phase the following suggestions may be immediately accepted.
 1. Limit the working hours of Mail/Express trains to 6 hrs
     2. Reduce continuous night duties to 2/3
     3. Crew link to be revised by considering above points.
     4. Change of crew at Divisional jurisdiction.
     5. 2 hrs preparation time at HQ and out station.
     6. Calendar Day rest (40 hrs)
     7. Reporting after leave to be made 6am
 8. Longer hours working to be minimized

For highlighting these demands AILRSA South Western Zonal Committee organized GM Office March on 08.08.12 and submitting a memorandum to GM/SWR.

Some important points which needs to be considered is also given below.

       Visibility of track and signals ahead is the biggest casualty in long hood working and some signals can be seen only for a moment and in higher speeds due to long hood leading if missed will land in an accident. The long hood length of WDP 4 and WDG 4 is increased by 5 meters than the conventional locomotives reducing the visibility. The visibility of WDP 4/WDG 4 is further obstructed by radiator fans and battery box and so it is proposed to run in short hood only as once proposed by SIKRI committee, by turning at triangular sections at junction stations or reviving the old steam turning tables or run WDG4 as multiple units in short hood leading in goods trains.
In this regard the CPME/SWR has issued a letter No. SWR/M/R/08 Dated 17.07.12; in which “ If the signal is not visible for the entire approach, the LP should go to the ALP side and confirm himself the aspect of the signal, even if it calls for dislodging himself from the driving console for a few seconds duly reducing the speed….”
This letter is insisting for an unsafe practice and only an effort to cut the leg as per shoes.
Railway should constitute a committee to inspect all the signals of poor visibility and impose necessary speed restrictions. Also speed restrictions may be imposed while working Long Hood (especially WDP4/WDG 4).

       The existing rule under HOER insists 72/96 hours away from headquarters under normal/emergency conditions. The goods crew are badly affected by this rule and they are put at out station to 72/96 hours and on reaching headquarters they are given 12 hours rest if they happens to arrive as passenger by some trains and this causes much constraints and hardships to running staff to look after their family and results in mental agony loosing concentration on job. Recently the railway board had issued a letter to General Managers proposing that as far as possible out station detention will be limited to 36 hours and this should be implemented in true spirit.

The Loco engine cab is having constraint in space to accommodate more people apart from engine crew. Most of the time inspecting officials /officers occupying the ALP seat which causes difficult for ALP to locate signals in time and in exercising good lookout which is paramount in safe working       of trains. Henceforth it is demanded to provide an additional seat for accommodating the inspecting officials/officers and also to advice the inspecting officials not to disturb the duty of ALP by occupying his duty. In this regard Railway Board Letter No. 2000/M(L)/466/9 Dated 01.09.2010 may be implemented in true spirit.

Train number 17416 Haripriya Express from Kolhapur – Thirupathy derailed on 02.08.12 at Navalur (Between Hubli and Dharward) station around 18.45 hrs. Loco Pilot Mail Sri. Jalaiah, ALP Sri BK Behra, Guard Sri Wilson Joseph.  Sri. CV Ramana, Loco Inspector was monitoring in the Train engine. As per the information, LP applied emergency brake immediately after experiencing an unusual sound and jerk; this avoided a major accident. He should have been awarded.
Some officers came to accident spot and declare that application of emergency brake by LP causes derailment. Later statement was modified to excess speed- after examining the speedometer chart speed was within limit (86 KM). LP was kept under suspension, and later suspension was revoked. The actual reason was rail fracture. Many officers have a practice of   blaming the Loco Pilots without ascertaining the facts.
If emergency brake will cause derailment or accident (In this regard RDSO issued a letter), such brake should be removed from Engine.
AILRSA demands the GM to implement the suggestions by SPAD committee and other suggestions given by us in true spirit.

Thanking you                                            Yours faithfully

Hubli                                                          (C. Sunish)



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