Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Chairman Railway Board
New Delhi
  Ref: Dir. Mech. Engg (Traction), RB’s letter no. 2004 / M (L) 466 / 7101 of date: 14.06.2012

      The Loco Running Staff of Indian Railways are very much thankful to the Railway Board and the Railway Officials who suggested some good measures to Control the cases of SPAD. In-fact, the AILRSA at different levels including the Central level on various occasions based their own practical experiences have been raising these issues and suggesting the measures to take to stop the cases of SPAD as well as other nature of accidents. We now, therefore request the Zonal authorities to implement minutes of the meeting effectively at different levels. I on behalf of AILRSA assure the authorities concerned for best co-operation of Loco Running Staff to ensure safety in the Railway.

          Sir, in case, the subsidized food is made mandatory, then a machinery should also be evolved to monitor the supply of healthy, fresh and standard meal. Secondly, if a LP is asked to go for the post of CCC / LI or other stationary Job after 55 year of age, then it should be ensured that they will avail the running staff retiring benefit i.e. weight-age of 55% of Pay along with the Pay. Thirdly, the machine for breathalyzer test should be made error free. An extra seat in the cab should be provided for a foot plating officials at a convenient place in the cab without disturbing the views of working ALP.

                                             Thanking you,

                                                                                                             Your’s sincerely

                                                                                                              (M. N. Prasad)
                                                                                                           Secretary General


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