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Due to spate of recent accidents a High Level Safety Review Committee (HLSRC) is formed, headed by Dr. Anil Kakodkar former chairman Atomic Energy Commission, two other eminent scientists, one Director IIT/ Kanpur with Sri. Sridharan MD/ DMRC as Advisor to the Committee. Sri Amitabh CRSE as Secretary to the Committee. It is expected to submit its report in January 2012.
              AILRSA has submitted a detailed memorandum to this committee on 08.12.2011. (which is available in AILRSA Blogspot). It is learnt that our memorandum was gone through by the Committee.
            An opportunity was extended by the committee to present the views of Loco Pilots when the Committee was at Chennai on 13.12.2011. On behalf of loco Pilots Sri. A. Jagadeesan Loco Pilot (Mail), Sri. R. Murali Motorman and Sri. K.Parthasarathi Loco Pilot (Shg) deposed before the Committee about the concerns of Loco Pilots in improving Safety in Railways. The Scientist Dr. N. Vedachalam of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum and Sri. Amitabh Secretary were present. The discussion lasted about an hour. The following subjects were presented before the Committee.
The problems in identifying/ locating Signals by the Loco Pilots due to placement of signals in right hand side etc., close proximities of signals in multiple line sections, visibility of signals during  Fog / Night working, Long hood driving in diesel locomotives (especially on WDP 4) along with elimination of turn table infrastructure were explained.
The problems in Learning of Road and Signals (LRS), increased number of Signals, strain of LPs in Automatic Signalling section, too many types of signals, uniformity and standardization of signals were also represented.
Need for ‘CAB SIGNALLING’ with an advent of Global Positioning (GPS) technology, as like that of Airlines where instrumental landing/ taking off is put in place even with ‘Zero Visibility’.
Train Protection Warning System
The Committee was very keen on taking views on TPWS. Various difficulties of Motorman like Mismatch of driving technique as that of On Board system, unable to exercise good look-out as per G&SR, SDMI illumination in day/ night, vital element of distraction were explained.

Cab Ergonomics and standardization of equipments
            Difficulties of Loco Pilots in driving the loco due to non standardization were explained. For safe and comfort driving standardization of equipments such as speedometer, brake handles (A9, SA9), horns, Flasher Light / Head Light switches, wipers, indication lamps, instrument lighting and valves and cut out cocks etc., are insisted. The difficulty due to absence of toilet facility in the cab also explained. The Committee also accepted the views.
Brake Power and Braking Distance
                     The significant and need to evolve scientific methods and gadgets to judge the Brake Power and Braking distance based on velocity (Speed), mass (Load) and Track gradients and the distance at which a train could be brought to a stop by the Loco Pilot were insisted.
Unique Key System in EMU/MEMU/DEMU
            The present universal key system in EMU and its unsafe was explained. Hence the needs for Unique Key System as in the case of road vehicles and introduction of Bio-Metric cab locking device to avoid unauthorised entry into the driving cab were represented. Committee also expressed the need for effective security.
Provision of Asst Loco Pilots in EMU / MEMU / DEMU
The increased duties of Motorman due to 9/12/15 car in sub-urban section in high density traffic and absence of assistance to the Motor man with respect to signals, train operation, trouble shooting techniques etc were explained. The Committee also expressed its concerns in voluminous preparatory/trouble shooting procedures. The provision of Dead man handle (DMH) is not a substitute for Asst Loco Pilot and possibilities of driving a train by a Motorman in subconscious state for which there is no alternative mechanism to avoid any eventuality were also represented. Hence it was reiterated that Asst loco Pilots are to be provided invariably in all EMU / MEMU / DEMU
Recording of events in signalling system.
Many infirmities in the present data logger system to record the events in the signaling system like not recording the signal aspects as Yellow, Green, Red in station limits but only reflects the event of track circuit/track relays, some time misses to even record the events of track circuit itself, Signaling equipments room (Relay Room) where unauthorized interference is possible is not digitally locked with data logger and etc., were represented.      Hence it was requested that more effective recording system has to be put in place.
The committee appreciated the amazing workdone by Loco pilots. The Scientist assured to find scientific solutions to all the problems to ensure safety in Railways.



Very good and thank u for the effort .

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veri nice many many THANKS for all your works for running staff


s k pandey said...

very nice prayas
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