Saturday, April 16, 2011


Notice for CWC meeting on 29th, 30th May 2011 in AILRSA’s Office at Ghaziabad

The meeting of CWC is hereby called at Ghaziabad in AILRSA office on 29th, 30th may 2011, starting from 14 Hrs. of 29th May 2011. The meeting is scheduled as under:

On 29.05.2011 - from 14 Hrs to 19 Hrs.

(Without Break)

On 30.05.2011 - From 10 Hrs. to 14:30 Hrs

(Without Break)

Com, will make their reservation for Up / Dn. Journey accordingly to enable themselves to be present in the meeting. All the CWC members are requested to make their convenience to be present in the meeting treating it as most important.


1. Review of implementation of Past Program Organization position and our task.

2. Next course of action, in view, of letter of Ministry for Labour.

3. M / Ship, CQ, levy for Khurda Road Division in East. Coast. Railway.

4. Central BGM

5. Any other subject with the permission of chair.

(M. N.Prasad)

Secretary General




Being fully discussed the Organization position, mental condition / preparation of workers and possible next course of action of the different levels in your Zone, you please come to attend the CWC meeting which may help us to draw a appropriate line of action.


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