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The central working committee of All India Loco Running Staff association has conducted the Locomen’s South Regional Convention at Vijayavada on 03.08.10 at Tadikonda Ramulu Kalyana Mandapam, Poornandampet. The convention is preceded by a mass rally – procession by large number of Running Staff from the convention hall Railway station – DRM Offices.
The convention was inaugurated by Com. P. Madhu, ex M.P. Com. T. Hanumaiah, All India Vice President presided the convention. Com. L. Mony, All India President and many other central committee and Zonal committee leaders attended the convention. Many prominent leaders from sister trade unions and Passenger Association have attended the convention. Com. A. Janakiraman, General Secretary, DREU, Southern Railway has given the key note address.
Protesting against the injustice done to their pay and allowances by 6th pay commission, the Running staff all over Indian Railways had conducted a series of agitations, which ultimately culminate in the Running Staff nation wide hunger strike and Motormen strike at Mumbai, resulting in stoppage of train service on 03rd and 04th May 2010. The Central Government and the Ministry of Railways were brought to their knees and the agitations were called off, only on the assurance that the demands of Running Staff will be resolved through the Fast Track Committee(FTC). Though the FTC has has published its report on 5th june 2010, it has turn down all the demands of Running Staff.
In this circumstance, the central working committee of AILRSA is conducting the Locomen’s Regional Conventions at 7 places all over India and a national convention at Mumbai on 31.08.2010 to mobilize large number of Running Staff and to prepare for serious struggles to achieve the demands. Vijayavada Regional Convention was jointly conducted by the Zonal Committees of Southern Railway, South Central Railway, South Western railway and Divisional Committee of Visakhapatnam of East Coast Railway.
A large number of Running Staff from various places like Chennai, Erode, Madurai, Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Palghat, Hubli, Mysore, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Guntakal, Renigunta, Guntur, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Nanded, Rajamundry, Bitragunta and Vijayavada were participated in the convention. All through the programme, the participants raised slogans in support of the demands and redressal of their grievances such as 1) Review the age old inhuman Hours Of Employment Regulations (HOER) by constituting a judicial Committee, 2) Allot the Grade Pay of Rs. 2800 for Assst Loco Pilots, 3) Consider the functional differences between the , various categories and allot Rs. 4200 for LP (Shg), Rs. 4600 for LP (Goods), Rs. 4800 for LP (Passenger) and Rs. 5400 for LP (Mail) as Grade Pay, Review the miscalculated Running Allowance and grant according to the Running Allowance Committee 1980 formula, and 5) Withdraw the new Pension Scheme.
The convention ananimously resolved to support the struggles of Running Staff for the just pay, allowances and humanity. It also resolved to take the struggle to the logical end and even to go for stoppage of work to achieve the just demands of Running staff.
1) The convention urges the Railway Board to upgrade the Grade Pay of Asst.LP, LP(Shg), LP(Pass) and LP(Mail) to Rs.2800, Rs.4200, Rs.4600, Rs.4800 and Rs.5400 respectively as sufficiently justified by our various memoranda to 6th CPC and vSarious authorities.
2) The President of India has ordered to grant 30% of Basic Pay of Running Staff as Pay Element in Running Allowance and is incorporated in IREC and IREM. Since 1981, a scientific study on the subject was made and statute is made, the Running Allowance rates was used to revise at every at every occasion of revision in Basic Pay and TA rate applying the well studied and time tested formula put forth by RAC 1980. Discarding of the Presidential orders and the RAC 1980 formula is arbitrary. So we demand the revision of Running Allowance rates based on RAC 1980 formula and should be given with effect from 01.01.2006.
3) Onerous pay to be extended to all categories of Running Staff.
4) Recent train accident at Sainthia in West Bengal has caused to bring the ill fated and vulnerable working condition of the Loco Pilots to public debate. This voice was voicing against the redundant HOER forcing the Loco running Staff to semi slavery. Now Railways are pulling on with 18% vacant sanctioned posts in Loco Pilot category while the actual requirement is 10% to 20% more than the posts sanctioned based on the existing inhuman HOER. The Administration is now running the threat of disciplinary action using the outdated HOER. This convention demands to take action on war foot to fill up the vacancies and also to appoint the judicial committee to review the HOER with 8 hours duty, calendar day weekly rest, limiting the night duty to two in a week, etc as agreed by the Railways in 2006.
5) The representatives of the Railway Board has submitted before the RLC, New Delhi on 25.06.2010 that, the Railway Board will take a decision on the above demands to the satisfaction of Running Staff within 45 days from 25.06.2010. The entire Loco running Staff is eagerly waiting for the decision from the Railway Board to be submitted by the Railways on 20.08.2010 before RLC/ NDLS. This convention is expressing the will and desire for just pay and humane working condition and resolves to resort for using the final and ultimate weapon of direct action, if warrented.


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