Friday, December 18, 2009

Sri Kuldeep Chathurvedi,
General Manager,
South Western Railway,

Respected Sir,

AILRSA South Western Railway Zonal Convention held at Prakash Restaurant, Hubli on 16.12.09, presided by Sri SD Arnold, Zonal President. The convention was welcomed by Sri C. Sunish, General Secretary and was inaugurated by Sri PS Prasad, General Secretary, Co-Ordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers, Karnataka State. He explained the latest stand of COC about the agitations against the adverse recommendations of 6th CPC and about the decisions of first meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 12th December, 2009. On behalf of the Confederation, Com. S.K. Vyas, President and Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General attended and participated in the discussion.
Sri.Prasad emphasized the need of joint struggle by Central Government Employees including Railways.

Sri MN Prasad, Secretary General AILRSA delivered Key note Address. He elaborately explained the agitational programs by AILRSA from the submission of 6th CPC report in detail. He narrated the details of the conciliation by RLC, New Delhi on 24.11.09 which led to the postponement of Hunger fast as per the guidance RLC. He also explained about the suggestion of Cadre Review Committee to extend the facility of up-gradation for Assistant Loco Pilot to 20/80 %. Now 80% of ALPs will get up- graded GP of 2400. This benefit is given only to pacify and control our struggle. So it is our duty to educate our workers the importance of maintaining the tempo of struggle till we achieve our demands.

Sri MM Roly, Central Organising Secretary, Sri KC James, Joint Secretary General, Sri R Surendran, Divisional Secretary, Bangalore, Sri. K Nishad, Divisional Secretary, Hubli, Sri Dhikshith, Branch Secretary, Hubli, Sri. Vaidya SB, Divisional Secretary, RMS Employees Union were addressed the gathering.

The meeting passed the following resolutions:

1. Railway Medical Facilities
The railway medical facilities to be up graded; so that the staff is getting advantage of latest technology. The hospital should have more number of beds and to be maintained hygienic conditions. Employees are avoiding treatment from Railway hospitals due to the poor maintenance and unhygienic conditions.
Private Medical Certificate: There are incidents that many Crew Controllers are not accepting PMC.

As per the Medical Manual

“Should a railway employee, residing within the jurisdiction of a Railway doctor, desire to be attended by a non- railway medical attendant of his own choice, it is not incumbent on him to place himself under the treatment of the Railway Doctor, it is however essential that if leave of absence is required on medical certificate, a request for such leave should be supported by a sick certificate from the Railway Doctor. When a Railway Employee residing out side the jurisdiction of a Railway Doctor requires leave on medical certificate, he should submit, within 48 hours, a sick certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner……”

Hence this meeting demands to give clear instruction to all CCRCs to accept PMC.

Railway Medical Officers are extending step motherly treatment to the running staff. In health unit doctors will not be available round the clock. And if an employee reports sick after the office hours of the health unit and on Holidays he will not get treatment and sick certificate. If the Railway doctor is not available at a place and the staff approach private doctor and along with the certificate if he met railway doctor on his next availability, the person should keep in sick list.

2. Allowing preparation time of 2 hrs beyond Head Quarters rest

The rest at Head Quarter is defined as 16/12 hours for a duty of above 8hours/below 8 hours. Rajadhyaksha award is clearly mentioned about the preparation time of 2 hours in their recommendation. But different divisional authorities are not adhering these instructions. In SWR also some divisions call was being served at 14th hour asking the employee to report at 16th hour. As per the OA 149/03&801/04 dt: 03.11.2005, of CAT is very clear that the Head Quarters rest is 16+2(preparation time) and staff should not be disturbed at 14th hour. Hence this meeting demands to allow 2 hours preparation time.

3. Bye-passing of Head quarters.

Now a days it is frequent to compel the staff to work bye passing head quarters. Goods crew after coming back from 2-3 days of out station detention is being asked to work to another direction bye passing their HQ is not fair. So necessary instruction may be given to the control organisation to avoid such bye-passing. Crew beat to be displayed at all crew booking points.

4. Inter Zone working:

There is a proposal for extending the present pattern of Goods/ Passenger/Express trains to work beyond Divisional/ Zonal jurisdiction. This is creating many problems to the working crew.
Bangalore-Guntakal working: In the present link, the utilization of Mail/ Express Crew has been about 42 to 44 hrs per week, which is almost up to the maximum hours prescribed by HOER without taking into account late arrivals and other detentions. Hence, the question of raising the bar for achieving maximum productivity does not arise at all. The paradox is that the proposed link by the administration reduces the utilization of Mail / Express crew to about 40 to 42 hrs. Further SBC Crew is already crossing their divisional boundaries and working up to Erode and Chennai. This association strongly condemns extending the working beyond DMM; by this, the administration has reduced the Head Quarters Rest and increased Out Station detention, which shall alter our social life very badly.

5. Long hood working of WDP4

Long Hood working of WDP4 Locos is a safety hazard and this has been highlighted to the administration a number of times and the administration has turned a deaf ear to an important issue raised by the very staff that has been entrusted to ensure safety. Such a non-participatory administrative setup shall prove very dangerous, as we are carrying the public. Once again this association demands that turn - table be provided at major junctions for working trains with SHORT HOOD as Leading. This association feels that a responsible action be taken by the administration before any accident occur on the Indian Railways.

6. Cab ergonomics:
Nowadays different loco sheds are modifying the locomotive cabs according to their will. They are not considering the convenience of working crew. Especially in WDP4 locos horns are provided at the back side of ALP seat, operating horns will develop back pain due to the twist angle. Hence we demand to consider the suggestion of AILRSA in this regard.

7. Handling training on completion of RC.
As per the Railway Board order 4 days handling has to be given on completion of RC ( ref No.SWR/M/R/14Dt.17.02.09), but unfortunately CMPE (Dsl) diluted this order by utilizing the LP directly to duty and asking the LIs to counsel the LP in 4 trips, which is highly objectionable. This association demands to give full handling after RC.

8. Filling up the posts of CCRC/CPRC/CRC
AILRSA repeatedly demanding to fill up the vacancies in CCRC/CPRC/CRC posts which is an ex-cadre post. But unfortunately divisional authorities are not implementing the Railway Board order in this regard. Some pick and choose persons and LIs are managing these posts.

9. Running Rooms and Rest Rooms
As per Railway board instruction, running rooms to be given three star facilities. But in SWR many running rooms and rest rooms are poorly maintained. No adequate supply of hygienic drinking water, no sufficient number of beds, News papers etc. Subsidized food is not being supplied in many places. The quality of the supplied food is not ensured. In some running rooms contract persons are not serving call. Now Senior Welfare Inspector is posted only to look after grievances of LP/ALP. Such SWI may be directed to inspect different rest rooms and running rooms and collecting the suggestions to make a proper report.

10. Minimum Guaranteed KMs
For the past 18 months the Loco Running Staff of Hospet are not getting minimum Guaranteed KMs for the following sections:TNGL-RNJP-TNGL,TNGL-BAY-TNGL. Many representations were submitted and even DRM Hubli has given an assurance in this regard. But till the out come has not come. Hence this meeting demands to identify these sections as handicapped and minimum guaranteed KMs to be allowed.

11. Counseling Sri Giri, DME/Power/UBL
This meeting vehemently condemns the negative attitude of Sri. Giri, DME/Power Hubli and request Sr.DME/UBL to counsel him to change his attitude and stop issuing baseless charge sheets to the running staff, in order to maintain harmonious relation ship.( A detailed letter narrating different cases will follow)

12. DPO Mysore -Cutting of AMA – OP Without any Clarification & information
In the payment for the month of November, DPO/MYS has started a Deduction under the Description AMA-OP in multiples of amount ranging from Rs:-1500/- to Rs:-2500/- and this has done without any previous intimation. And the amounts deducted are without any proper calculations too. This meeting demands that any deductions from the salary to be intimated to the staff, and the concerned supervisor who caused OP may be taken up.

13. Income Tax Deduction

The Railway has disbursed the CPC arrears and Tax deducted in the current year. But as per the Income Tax rules if an employee receives an arrears the Tax to be calculated separately for 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 period and adjusted with that years Tax. If it has done many workers will be benefited. For that purpose employee has to submit Form-10 E available at Income Tax office.

It is available to an employee when he receives salary in advance or in arrear or when in one financial year, he receives salary of more than 12 months or receives ‘profits in lieu of salary’. W.e.f. 1.6.89, relief u/s 89(1) can be granted at the time of TDS from employees of all companies, co-operative societies, universities or institutions as well as govt. /public sector undertakings, the relief should be claimed by the employee in Form No. 10E and should be worked out as explained in Rule 21A of the Income Tax Rules.

21AA. Where the assessee, being a Government servant or an employee in a [company, co-operative society, local authority, university, institution, association or body], is entitled to relief under sub-section (1) of section 89, he may furnish to the person responsible for making the payment referred to in sub-section (1) of section 192, the particulars specified in Form No. 10E.

Hence this association requests CPO to issue orders to calculate the arrears accordingly and deduct Income tax for the particular year only.

Expected speedy redressal for the above demands

Thanking You Yours faithfully

Bangalore (C.Sunish)

Copy to All Concerned.



Dear Comrades, Please note, acknowledge and inform all cocerned about the recent development in Mumbai. The Train Driving Staff of Mumbai Division Western Railway & Mumbai Division Central Railway in the meeting held at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on date 16.12.2009 at 16 hours in the name of Joint Action Forum have unanimously decided to take the National Holiday on 26th January 2010 (which may result into the complete stoppage of all kind of train services in the Mumbai)to draw attention of all concerned towards their demands regarding (1) Grade Pay for Asst. Loco Pilot-Rs.2800
Loco Pilot (Shunting-Rs.4200
Loco Pilot (Goods)-Rs.4600
Loco Pilot (Passenger)-Rs.4800
Loco Pilot (Mail)-Rs.5400
(2) Mileage Rate with old TA Rate & New Bsaic Pay W.E.F. 01.01.2006 as per RAC 1980 formula: for ALP Rs.157, for LP/MM Rs:212.
(3) Mileage Rate with NEW TA Rate & New Bsaic Pay W.E.F. 01.09.2008 as per RAC 1980 formula: for ALP Rs.233, for LP/MM Rs:312.
(4) Computation of mileage rates for Suburban service.
(5) Limit the working hours of Loco Pilots to 8 hours at a stretch.
The representatives of the Train Driving Staff of the Indian Railways who called from various parts of the country before, during and after the meeting expressed solidarity and assured that if the Railway's administration do not solve this matter at the earliest then they will be compelled for stoppage fo trains all over india that too with or without the prior notice as it is already too late from the Management side and now it is crossing all limits of patience for the staff side to wait for getting justice done.

Unknown said...


I have read your concerns about driving the WDP4 locomotive with its long-hood leading. I am with CNN IBN. I recently did an investigative report on the same engine exposing its dangers. please if anyone of you could get in touch with me, will help in my campaign!

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Thanks for sharing your experience, the food seems to be great.
meeting facilities in hubli

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