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Date: 18.09.2009

Resolutions adopted in CWC meeting which was held at Ghaziabad on 14/15.09.2009 in Central Office.

1. The Central working committee meeting of AILRSA held at Ghaziabad on 14th 15th Sep’09 vehemently protest against the decision of Government of India to make compulsory registration for PRAN under new pension scheme 2004 as a pre condition for disbursing second installment of 6th CPC arrears, for those enter in to the service on or alter 1.1.2004. Which is most unlawful and violates the wage payment act, and so it is demanded to withdraw this pre-condition for clearing the 60% of arrears which is not a bounty but a part of pay and right of an employee.

2. It is learnt that the Hon’ble Minister for Railway has taken a note of the increase in the incidence of train passing signals at danger and asked Zonal Railways to draw remedial action. This Association has continuously voicing about the deteriating working condition of Loco Pilots of Indian Railway which is jeopardizing the interest of Railway safety. The crew links were ordered to be formed at Zonal level neglecting all the local conditions and with a mechanical application of inhuman HOER provision. All Railway had resorted all the ways to misinterpret rest rules asking Loco Pilot to resume duty of at 00:00hrs from leave / sick leave, forcing Railway Doctors to deny sick leave, to tide over shortage of staff asking to avail preparation time within the legitimate rest, not allowing minimum rest of clear 6 hours at out station, above all overworking due to excessive vacancies in the most vital safety category is the order of the day.

Added to this, number of signals in every section is increased, speed and load of trains increased, numerous models of Locomotive introduced. The signal posts at many places hidden behind the OHE mast or surrounded by numerous color, light of hoardings or street light impairing the visibility.

The remedial measures, proposed by Railway Officers are only to worsen the situation. Suggestions to bound, finalizing of DAR case to remove the LP to ALP will only create more fear psychosis not enhance the ability of Loco Pilot to run galley. The suggestions to voluntarily retire at the age of 55 or strict monitoring design PME will only result in further frustration among staff.

The reducing trend of pay pocket and increasing work level has resulted in large scale drop out during training. Increasing medical decategorisation and voluntary retirement results upset in man power planning.

This meeting demand proper evaluation of field realties and corrective steps to maintain the glory of safe journey of Railways.

The decision of running Doranto express by Railways is truly the need of the time but safety of such train need to be ensured. Such trains are supposed to, without commercial stops in between. As a result there is proposal to implement crew rosters with maximum duty hours with limit to the stops. Even the natural necessity of a crew is not taken a care of, while introducing Doronto train. They are the fastest train running on tunnel, route where there the maximum intensity of signals, Gates and the stations. The train will encounter with more than one signal in every minutes of run. A Loco Pilot will pass 400 to 500 signals in a stretch of duty of 8hrs that too without any relaxation in concentration throughout the run. It is biologically impossible for a human being and will lead only in compromising with safety.

So this meeting Demands, 5 to 10 mts stops at-least after every 2 ½ hours of run to meet at least the natural necessity of a crew who is a human being and also to limit over all running duty to 6 hours at a stretch for those trains in the interest of safely as well as maintaing a workable health of the crew.

Organizational Resolution

We have decided a Central Office levy of Rs. 1200/- per year per Zone for the maintenance of Central Office as the membership quota was insufficient to meet the expenses. In the changed situation this CWC held on 14th & 15th of Sept’2009 decided to discontinue the same and also sincerely congratulate and thank all Zones who co-operated for proper maintenance of Central Office.

Special Resolutions proposed before CWC held at NDLS on 14th , 15th Sep’2009 for discussion and approval

1. To set right the function of computer printer and its accessories under the use of Secretary General for Official purpose, an amount of Rs. 8000/- is sanctioned. It has been sanctioned from Central fund, any deficiency will be met from Central fund.
2. Against Government of India and Railway Board Order, compelling to give option to register with PRAN compulsorily to get 60% CPC arrears from new necrotizes after 1.1.2004, the Association decide to challenge both the order in CAT / Ernakulam bench on behalf of AILRSA Central Committee, comrades president to look after the case at CAT Ernakulam.


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