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The resolution has been adopted in 18th BGM which has been held at Nagpur on 25th & 26th June 2009.

1. This 18th Biennial General Meeting of All India Loco Running Staff Association consist of Loco Pilot, Assistant Loco Pilots, Motorman who have a pioneer role in maintaining the safety, efficiency and punctuality of the Railways. While welcoming the new Central Government assuming the power we extend our full support, Co-operation in maintaining the production, efficiency, punctuality and safety in the Railways. Simultaneously the Association draws the attention of the Government. On the following long pending grievances and request to concede it to maintain a healthy labour relation.

2. The 6th CPC and the Committee on Running allowance has done a great injustice against this vital categories in regards to their grade pay and the rate of Running allowance, where as they are maintaining the train services at the cost of their lives, blood and health scarifying their social life, running with the train day and night, in sun (unbearable temperature) and rain, even ignoring or refusing the call of nature. The Loco Running Staff of Indian Railway under the banner of AILRSA have been agitating since the day of publication of 6th CPC and Government notification there upon, and have submitted the various representation, justifying their demands to all concerned i.e. Hon’ble PM, Hon’ble FM, Hon’ble MR, CRB the Chairman to High Power Committee, Departmental Committee with a great hope for justice. Even the thousands of Loco Running Staff through its individual representation tried to draw the attention of Hon’ble PM and Hon’ble President of India but all have gone in vein which is caused for a serious resentment amongst the Loco Running Staff. The Loco Running Staff are very much restive and disappointed. This resentment had gone to that of extent that the Association at a time had to take a decision of strikes from any day, of April 2009. However, by the time, parliamentary election had been declared and to facilitate peaceful election, the Association being a responsible Organization resolved to defer the strike decision. Now a popular Government has already come in power and we strongly believed that this Government will definitely concede our demands as under and not compel us to revive the earlier decision in the interest of nation and travelling public, staff, and safe operation of the trains and for maintaining the productivity of the Railways.
Demands : -
a. The GP for Loco Running Staff needs to be reviewed and to give justice to them, the ALP should be given a GP of Rs. 2800/-, LP (Shunting) Rs. 4200/-, LP (Goods) Rs. 4600/-, LP (Pass) Rs. 4800/- and LP (M/Exp) for Rs. 5600/- in detail justification of our demand has been given in our different representations submitted to Railway Board.

b. The rate of kilometer-age should be formulated based on Rs. 210/- the rate of TA for ALP and Rs. 340/- for LPs, 30% of the mean pay of PB1 for ALP and PB2 for LPs as pay element as recommended by RAC 1980.

c. Onerous duty allowances to be given to all not only for LP (Pass) and LP (M/Exp)

d. HOER to be reviewed by a judiciary Committee pending which 10 hrs working from Signing “ON to OFF” rigidly to be implemented.

e. Inhuman treatment of some Officials to be stopped henceforth. The ALP should not be forced for coupling / uncoupling the Loco and LPs or ALP should not be forced to carry the tools kit.

3. Inter Railway working to be stopped henceforth, rest should not be abrogated, Leave / Sick should not be restricted. Working a train by a crew without any stop for 6 to 8 hrs. is most dangerous, unsafe, health risky and against the nature should either immediately to be stopped or a break should be given for attending natural call, consuming break-fast and meal.

4. Stop the surrendering the post in Loco Running Cadre and all the vacancies should be filled up without further delay. Crew should brought to HQ within 30 hrs. New posts should be created proportionate to increase in train services.

5. Promotion strictly on seniority basis.

6. In view of continuous brutal terrorist activities in the area, a provision of extra Hill allowances should be made for the Staff working in LMG – BPB – LMG Section in Assam, as also suggested by Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways in 2006 itself. Simultaneously, the administration should also consider to stop the train services when bundh call is given by the terrorist / extremist Organization in the interest of lives and national properties, or full protection is to be given including the supply of bullet prove coat.

7. A part of Pay i.e. 30% of Pay linked with the rate of Kilimeterage and the 6th CPC report got effected with 01.01.06 and so the rate of kilometerage should be formulate based on well settled formula taking into the increased Pay as on 01.01.06 and arrears of increase rate of KM from 01.01.06 should be paid like wise OT arrears also.

8. Allow break in train running at scheduled time for attending natural call, breakfast, meal etc.

9. A provision of capital punishment in the case of overshooting of signal should be withdrawn. A research should be done by an expert Committee following each of the overshooting case due to human failure to know the cause behind the human failure and then only quantum of punishment should be determined.

10. At present Locomotive sheds are maintaining only the aspects of performance of engine condition. Along with this the minimum requirements of the crew also has to be considered like scandalizing location of A9, SA9, speedometer position in view of direction of run, sound proofing, fan, effective wipers, relocation of horns at extreme ends of loco etc. to be done. A/c of loco cabs to be done without any delay.
11. A condition of running room, crew rest room at all the point should be improved and AC should immediately be provided. The condition of quarter should also be improved.

12. The condition of Railway Hospital is deteriorating day by day; it should be improved by providing the sufficient Doctors of all streams, medicine, equipments and provision of AC in ward etc.


Resolution 2

Organizational resolutions, are adopted in 18th BGM which is held on 25th & 26th June 2009 at Nagpur.

1. The BGM calls upon all the unit of AILRSA to prepare your self, Organizationally mentally for long struggle, and continue with different campaign programmes at their own level. It is further resolved to prepare yourself to continue your struggle till the demands are achieved.

The BGM has further decided the following programmes which has to be implemented seriously.

a. A delegation of Central leadership will try to meet with MR in between 16th to 21st July 09 and also to MPs of different Political parties. The Zone may send at least one representative from the state falls in the Division / Zone to make this work easy.

b. The Divisions must Organize the convention at least on one or two points in their Division in month of Aug. 2009 inviting the representatives of different Organization, people representatives, media etc. the Central Committee members in Zone must attend the Zonal Committee will plan the programme accordingly. The N. F. Railway should have their such type of Organizational programme from 4th Aug to 8th Aug’2009 in the different Division following by their ZWC on 8th Aug’09 in which I shall be present. Similarly the N. E. Railway will convene their ZWC on 25th July’09 at CPR in which also I shall attend. This two both Railway conform this programme and communicate.

c. Zonal demonstration will be organize on 8th Sept’2009 and submission of memorandum to GM, addressing MR.

d. Fast for one day while ‘ON duty or OFF’ duty or in Running room / Training School on 8th Oct’09 with a massive campaign.

e. Rally in Delhi followed by 24 hrs hunger strike during Parliament winter session in Nov’09 date will be given later confirming the starting day of session.

f. CWC will meet on following day of Rally / Hunger strike programme to decide next course of action.

Note: The Division intimate me their programme in the Division well in advance to enable me to advise some of the Central Office bearers to attend this programme.

Resolution 3
This 18th BGM of AILRSA unanimously resolves to change the HQ of Association from ANARA to ADRA in view of change of Secretary General and also the death of Com. S. K. Dhar.

Resolution 4

Since the designation of Loco Driver, Asst. Driver, Shunter has been changed to Loco Pilot (M/E), LP (Pass), LP (Goods), LP (Shunting), ALP so it is resolved to amend the clause no. (5 a i) of the constitution accordingly.


Unknown said...

In Sambalpur Division,E.Co.RLY at TIG crew-point now the AILRSA is a joker party now.Because, the Netas of AILRSA/TIG are making a associate party with the dead against of AILRSA i.e. the SHRAMIK CONGRESS & go for election in every small election in Titilagarh, like they go with SHRAMIK CONGRESS as associate party in election of Railway Institute,TITLAGARH .
The Running staff of TIG are very much aware of above facts & now they decided to go against the AILRSA for coming any election going to be held at TIG.

In the election of Railway Institute,TITLAGARH what is the job of AILRSA ? AILRSA can't solve local problem of running staff at our crew point or at divisional level but they go for election of Railway Institute,TITLAGARH.
The Divisional secretary of AILRSA/Sambalpur is a office bearer & complete supporter of SHRAMIK CONGRESS.we can't understand this logic.

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